Hyderabad based Apollo Computing Laboratories (P) Ltd. unveils indigenous Non-Invasive Ventilator … SwasthVayu!

Mr Baddam Jaipal Reddy, Managing Director, Apollo

Mr Baddam Jaipal Reddy, Managing Director, Apollo Computing Laboratories (P) Ltd., briefing media about the World’s first indigenous portable non-invasive Ventilator – SwasthVayu, for Covid 19 & other lung ailments, developed by Apollo Computing Laboratories in collaboration with CSIR- National Aerospace Laboratories, at a Virtual Press Conference, today.

Hyderabad, 5th May 2021: Hyderabad based Apollo Computing Laboratories (P) Ltd., (ACL) a leading Defence, Aerospace design and development solutions provider, announced the unveiling of an indigenously developed, world’s first of its kind potable Non-Invasive Ventilator – SwasthVayu. The briefcase sized SwasthVayu, weighing less than three kg, can be utilised in Medical wards, Make-shift Hospitals, Dispensaries, Home Healthcare Operators and Homes for treating Covid as well as non-Covid ailments like Lung Disease, Sleep Apnoea, Respiratory weakness etc.

SwasthVayu has been developed in collaboration with CSIR – National Aerospace Laboratories. The device which can mitigate the severe hardship being experienced by Covid-19 patients, has been certified for safety and performance by NABL accredited Labs, after undergoing stringent biomedical tests and beta clinical trials at NAL Health Centre, Manipal Hospitals, Bengaluru and many more Hospitals in Hyderabad and across the nation. SwasthVayu is also certified by Director General of Health Services (DGHS), Ministry of Health & Family Welfare, Government of India.

The indigenously developed SwasthVayu ventilator from Apollo Computing Laboratories is a reliable, secure and affordable option to address the problem being faced by the healthcare delivery system especially during these challenging times of Covid 19 spike, says Mr Baddam Jaipal Reddy, Managing Director, Apollo Computing Laboratories (P) Ltd.

SwasthVayu, a Non Invasive Ventilator, delivers Oxygen through a non-vented mask tightly fitted to the face, without a need for tracheal intubation or a tube being inserted through the mouth into the windpipe. This provides absolute safety to critical patients from any contamination, including viruses. SwasthVayu has been designed with three layers of robust filtration mechanism, one each at the inlet, inter-stage and exhale stage to prevent inhaling or exhaling of aerosol and Corona droplets by the patients as well as healthcare personnel. The inlet HEPA filter, removes 99.99% of particles of 0.3 micron size. The inter-stage and exhale stage have HME (Heat Moisture Exchanger) and BV (Bacterial and Viral) filters, which are meant to filter heat, moisture, and any remnants of bacteria & virus thus protecting the patient. The medical team treating the patient is safe as the exhale filter too filters any viruses like Covid-19 droplets exhaled by the patient. It has provision to change all the three filters and discard the contaminated ones, this is mandatory especially while using the Ventilator for different patients.

SwasthVayu, while ensuring clean and healthy air, can act as elixir of life for those craving to fill their lungs with oxygen. It has features which provide utmost safety of patient as well as healthcare personnel. It is designed with multiple safeguards against contamination to protect critical patients like those suffering from Covid 19, says Mr Baddam Jaipal Reddy, who himself is a former ISRO Senior Scientist.

The device has an LCD Display and user interface buttons on the front panel to operate the machine. It also has a SD card slot, where a SD card can be inserted to store information generated by the machine. The in-built Li-ion battery provides 2 – 4 hrs battery back-up to overcome any power transmission exigencies. The device is programmed to generate six alarms to alert the medical attendants for patient breath cycle detection. The machine works on one manual & two automatic modes. The manual mode is called CPAP mode, provides continuous fixed positive air way pressure to the patient. Timed Mode provides timed breath delivery with pressure support ventilation, a form of mechanical ventilation in which the patient triggers every breath. Spontaneous Timed Mode provides spontaneous breath delivery in synchronising with Patient breathing cycle adding pressure support Ventilation. SwasthVayu also has provision to source Oxygen up to 15 – 30 litres per minute either from Oxygen Concentrator or hospital supply source, through a specially designed nozzle.

SwasthVayu Ventilator has been successfully tested on hundreds of Covid patients at Command Hospital, AF & Manipal Hospital Bangalore, Mysore Medical College Hospital, Nizam Institute of Medical Sciences, Hyderabad and at several reputed private hospitals. The initial 1200 Swasthvayu Ventilators supplied to the top nine hospitals under Government of Delhi are being used effectively for treating Covid-19 patients. The product is receiving excellent response and gaining acceptance from state Governments and Corporate Hospital Chains. ACL, with a capacity to produce over 6000 units of SwasthVayu Ventilators per month, is planning to set up a pan India dealer network to expand its reach to its customers.

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