Tips on Healthy Lifestyle to boost Immunity & face the Covid Pandemic

Tips on Healthy Lifestyle to boost Immunity & face the Covid Pandemic

By Dr. Ravi Sankar Erukulapati, Senior Endocrinologist,  Apollo Hospitals, Jubilee Hills.

Dr.Ravi Sankar ErukulapatiPreparing the Body and Mind against the Covid Virus and boosting IMMUNITY in a scientific way…

  1.   Too much news and ‘health tips’ floating around. Listen to the real experts ONLY. Experts in this context are defined as properly qualified Doctors and Scientists only!
  1. Thankfully, 99 % of our worst fears don’t ever come true and the same applies to Covid too! Stay away from Negative thoughts and keep yourself occupied with your profession or hobbies or family. Friends are not the best people to hang around, now!
  1. Exercising regularly conditions the Body and Lungs too! Obesity may harm, not just due to increased risk of complications and even death if one contracts Covid, but also due to Heart attacks, Brain strokes too, to mention a few.  Regular Breathing Exercises like Pranayama do prepare the Lungs and Body, to face the toughest challenges!
  1. Uncontrolled High Blood Pressure and untreated Heart problems aren’t safe either, for the same reasons!
  1. Those with DIABETES have a higher risk of severe Covid if they contract it, with a higher need for Ventilation, Intensive Care and Death, if the Glucose control is poor. So, control your Blood Glucose levels immediately.
  1. Smoking Kills and Covid infection in a Smoker may not lead to a happy outcome. Not too late now, to Stop Smoking!
  1. We are what we eat. Eat a healthy balanced diet rich in fresh fruits and vegetables, nuts. Sorry, but No proven value of any unduly high intake of ‘Herbal remedies’! ‘Too much’ intake of even otherwise safe-appearing Herbs and Natural Remedies may harm the Body, including Kidneys and the Liver. Up to you if you want to take the undue risk! Restrict to fair and normal usage only, not in industrial quantities!
  1. Low Vitamin D may adversely affect immunity. If you haven’t tested, no point queuing at labs now. Don’t go out in the scorching Summer heat either, unless you want to invite a Heat Stroke! If you haven’t had Kidney stones or recent Vitamin D supplements and don’t suffer from certain diseases, it may be ok to take some Vitamin D supplements. Speak to your Doctor (not urgent!).
  1. A Cocktail of Multivitamin supplements and minerals has no proven value in boosting Immunity in healthy individuals taking a balanced healthy diet. These are much hyped and oversold! Very few people need these and your doctor may guide you.
  1. A seemingly fun sport, namely Alcohol intake, is known to damage the body, including reducing IMMUNITY. Stay away!
  1. Most importantly, take Covid Vaccine, the proven weapon to prevent Covid, unless if you have contraindications. You may see my other post regarding this. Even if you contract Covid after appropriate Vaccination, Vaccine decreases the risk of severity, hospitalization, and death!
  1. Sleep well, on time, at least 6 to 8 hours daily. Good quality Sleep boosts good health. There are no Magic Pills that instantaneously boost Immunity. Make it a habit to follow these healthy habits during All times and Seasons and Stay Safe and Healthy!

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