Temporary health care introduced by Prisha Container lines to Fight during Corona Pandemic for 3 Ts & Vaccination drive

India is witnessing the 2nd wave of Corona in almost all major states of India. The infection is spreading faster which is a major concern for the Indian government authorities as well as for the Indian healthcare system. The 3Ts of Testing, Tracking & Treatment are of the utmost importance to fight during this pandemic, which at times is struggled because of improper space needed for the healthcare people to perform their duties in this pandemic.

Container Designer Veepul Kaushik, the Promoter of Prisha Container lines brought a novel concept of temporary health care units in containers with the complete facility of medical care in case of emergency. These containers can be used for testing, treatment, and in vaccination drive, wherever there is a shortage of health centers.

These health centers are made in portable centers with the complete facility of medical care in case of emergency. Each center has 8 -10 beds with safe spacing along with the Doctor cabin, separate toilets, and facility for a medical emergency as in the case of ICU units. These containers are designed to maintain the standard norms, which are required in every building architecture and interiors.

According to Veepul Kaushik, “these containers are perfect to be used where there is a requirement of the healthcare centers. Even these can be used in industries, factories, or any place, which is in emergency need.

Team of professionals who are experts in civil engineering, architecture, and interior designing designs the containers. All Electrical works, ceiling, flooring, plumbing, drainage & all other aspects are taken into consideration while curating these shipping medical centers.

“We are also making accommodation containers for the companies along with the health centers, which help the companies to use them for stay purpose for their employees”, adds Veepul.

With many advantages, these containers can be developed in a short period and can be customized with the best technology and architecture practices. Moreover, these containers are low in cost construction and are very strong in strength to experience any weather condition and are a perfect example of recycling, as these are made of the old container, which is not in use.

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