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Prodapt expands its Americas presence with onshore center in Puerto Rico

Chennai, June 26, 2024 : Prodapt, the largest and fastest-growing specialized company focused on the Connectedness industry, has announced an onshore operations facility in Puerto Rico, aligning with a proven strategy to complement offshore strengths with onshore & nearshore capabilities to enable holistic technology services that include supporting government contracts and multilingual customer engagement.

Expanding alongside the facility in Panama, the new center will help Communications Service Providers (CSPs) accelerate transformation and leverage AI-powered managed services to make their IT/Networks agile, streamline business processes, and enhance customer experiences.

Prodapt will create 200 jobs at the Puerto Rico center in the near future, hiring people skilled in AI-powered Telecom operations, cloud computing, data analytics, and more. Prodapt chose Puerto Rico for its abundant technical talent, growing technology ecosystem, strong engineering skills, and attractive incentives for investors. Invest Puerto Rico, a public-private partnership enabling investments in Puerto Rico, facilitated Prodapt’s arrival.

“This expansion underscores the island’s potential as a hub for innovation and technological advancement. Prodapt’s presence on the island will create high-quality jobs, enhance our position as a leader in the IT and telecommunications sectors, and drive economic growth,” said Ella Woger-Nieves, Chief Executive Officer of InvestPR.

“Prodapt’s decision to expand to Puerto Rico is a testament to our island’s skilled workforce and favorable business climate. This investment will drive economic growth, create employment opportunities, and further solidify Puerto Rico’s reputation as a strategic location for global businesses,” Manuel Cidre, Secretary of the Department of Economic Development and Commerce (DEDC), Government of Puerto Rico, said.

“The Puerto Rico center offers cost-effective and mission-critical delivery operations for our CSP clients. Combining Prodapt’s Telecom-Native experience, Gen AI-powered solutions, and Puerto Rico’s skilled talent base, the new center will greatly enhance our efforts to help clients achieve their business goals,” Harsha Kumar, CEO of Prodapt, said.

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