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SOMANY Ceramics Teams Up with IIID Hyderabad on Tile Transformation

Hyderabad, 27 June 2024

SOMANY Ceramics Ltd., a leading player in the ceramic industry, has collaborated with the Institute of Indian Interior Designers (IIID), Hyderabad, on a project titled “Transforming Broken Tiles into Trendsetting Style.” This initiative was a highlight of the “Sthapatya Utsav” festival held from 20th to 23rd June, 2024. Organized by the IIID HRC, one of the dynamic chapters of India’s national interior design body, this initiative was aimed to sensitizing budding designers on sustainable construction and waste reduction.

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A central focus of the workshop was the mural design competition, which emphasized transforming waste tiles into art pieces, promoting sustainability and waste reduction. Over 50 talented interior designer and architecture students from various colleges showcased their creativity and technical skills by converting discarded tiles into stunning artworks. This three-day competition, led by industry experts, provided students with an opportunity to delve into mural art, refine their skills, and compete in an exciting showcase, enhancing their practical skills and design thinking ability beyond their academic curriculum.

Sthapatya Utsav” included a series of workshops covering various design disciplines, attracting 200-250 student participants from 15-20 architecture and design colleges across Telangana. The event also played host to architects, designers, and faculty members, creating a vibrant learning atmosphere.

Anshuman Chakravarty, Head of Marketing at Somany Ceramics, expressed his enthusiasm for the collaboration. “We are delighted that the future interior designer and architect students of India are passionate about recycling and sustainability. At Somany Ceramics, we have always been pioneers in promoting sustainability in our products; in fact, our entire production of tile adhesive is made from waste tiles. As citizens, we also need to raise awareness in our communities about reducing construction waste and debris and encourage recycling and reuse. We are grateful to the management of the Institute of Indian Interior Designers (IIID), Hyderabad for partnering with us on this initiative, promoting the artistic reuse of waste tiles, and supporting environmental sustainability.”

Pallavi Anchuri, Chairperson, Institute of Indian Interior Designers (IIID), Hyderabad said “this collaboration has provided interior designer and architecture students with an unique opportunity to apply their design skills in a real-world context, they have gained hands-on experience in sustainable design practices while making a positive impact on the environment.”

The SOMANY Ceramics and Institute of Indian Interior Designers (IIID), Hyderabad collaboration was a resounding ode to the power of partnerships in driving positive change. By utilising the creativity and innovation of these interior designers and architects, the initiative aimed to raise awareness about the importance of recycling and inspire future generations to become responsible stewards of the environment.

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