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Grand Hyatt Gurgaon in the Heart of Millennium City

Grand Hyatt Gurgaon

The heart of Gurugram, the commercial hub of Delhi NCR, beats with a 5-star multi-dimensional lifestyle complex that redefines luxury: Grand Hyatt Gurgaon. Standing tall on the three pillars of luxury – height, light and space – Grand Hyatt Gurgaon. Seamlessly integrates a high street shopping centre and an impressive office tower into its grandeur, offering guests a multi-faceted experience. Grand Hyatt Gurgaon is an experience that promises to etch a lasting mark on every guest’s memory. As soon as you enter the hotel, you are greeted with a wide smile and service that is consistent with the standards set by the brand. You will find minimum signages at the hotel as the focus is on personal touch and connect with every guest. Billed as one of the Top 5 Hotels in the country for its Design & Architecture, Grand Hyatt Gurgaon stands apart because of its distinctive architecture, amenities, dining options, rooms, and commitment to environmental sustainability.

“Grand Hyatt Gurgaon is a meticulously crafted masterpiece that transcends expectations. With a commitment to excellence, our aim is to offer guests an unparalleled blend of luxury, personalised service, and a multi dimensional experience,” says General Manager Tarun Seth. He adds: “Every detail, from awe-inspiring architecture to culinary extravagance, reflects our dedication to creating lasting memories. At Grand Hyatt Gurgaon, we curate an indulgent lifestyle that sets new standards in contemporary luxury.”


A testament to the brilliance of Foster + Partners, London, the awe-inspiring architecture and sophisticated design of Grand Hyatt Gurgaon warmly welcomes its guests. The exterior of the 29- acre complex is a vibrant blend of modernity and luxury, making it a landmark in the commercial hub of Delhi NCR. As guests step inside, they are surrounded with the cutting-edge interior design curated by Tony Chi & Associates, New York, a Hall of Fame awardee. The architectural design embraces a grand vision for the future, while reflecting the spirit of today. The lobby ceiling rises over 50 feet and its expansive window panels make way for natural light to amp up the space throughout the day. With a generously spacious setting, Grand Hyatt Gurgaon emerges as a truly unique hotel, setting new standards in contemporary luxury. The hotel offers an immersive experience where extraordinary design meets exceptional services. It takes cleanliness and safety to a whole new level, completely reimagining the hotel experience to prioritise the well-being and safety of every guest. With enhanced levels of cleanliness, the hotel aligns with the strict standards set by the Global Biorisk Advisory Council (GBAC), providing a secure and comfortable environment for the visitors.


Grand Hyatt Gurgaon stands as the ultimate destination for travelers seeking a spectrum of luxurious amenities. It is a multi-dimensional complex strategically located in the upcoming commercial business district in Sector 58 in close proximity to the high-end residential and retail areas of Gurugram. Well-connected and easily accessible by Golf Course Road and Sohna Road, the hotel is located on the Delhi-Gurugram-Faridabad Southern Peripheral road.Whether someone is on a business expedition or a leisurely getaway, this hotel provides a tailored and all-encompassing experience to meet every guest’s needs. It strives to provide a comprehensive and indulgent experience – high-speed internet access, on-site restaurants, fitness centers, pools, and pet-friendly accommodations. It’s the little details, like concierge assistance and meeting facilities, that make their stay smooth and indulgent at this luxurious piece of architecture.


The epitome of luxury awaits guests in the 442 meticulously designed rooms including 45 suites and 55 service apartments at Grand Hyatt Gurgaon. The rooms are set within the 430 square feet cleverly designed and divided spaces for double occupancies.The large windows in these rooms draw in natural light; the windows are wrapped in copper panels for energy efficiency. Whether visiting for business or leisure, each room is provided with an ambiance of opulence and unparalleled convenience.The rooms combine grand design with comfort, ensuring an unforgettable experience for every guest.


The hotel’s second floor is specifically designed for recreation, boasting top-of-the-line amenities such as a cutting-edge fitness center, an outdoor infinity swimming pool.Furthermore, to accommodate all guests comfortably, the hotel extends its warmth and welcome to furry friends by providing facilities accommodating to pets.


Grand Hyatt Gurgaon strives to cultivate an atmosphere of care as part of Hyatt’s worldwide program for environmental, social and governance (ESG) concerns. To decrease its effect on the environment, the hotel employs energy-smart devices like Lutron wireless switches operated by remote control and double-layered windows. Water preservation, such as bathroom fixtures that save water, demonstrates the hotel’s commitment to sustainability.

From its magnificent architecture and luxurious amenities to its diverse dining selections and dedication to environmental responsibility, the hotel provides an experience unlike any other for all guests. Grand Hyatt continues pioneering new benchmarks in high-class lodging in Delhi NCR, leveraging its legacy of skill, progress and quality customer service.


The hotel prides itself in offering expansive event spaces that cater to various occasions. Notably among them are The Grand Ballroom and The Campus. With a sprawling area of 7,500 square feet, The Grand Ballroom stands out due to its unique feature: two live interactive kitchens which provide an extraordinary culinary experience for attending guests. On the other hand, “inspired by university living”, The Campus serves as a versatile venue suitable for private company meetings or casual gatherings like coffee breaks or parties. Grand Hyatt Gurgaon takes events to a new level with live culinary theaters in the ballroom and Culina. These provide an exciting, theatrical experience for guests during food service. Marking a significant milestone, this specific hotel in Gurgaon stands as the only Grand Hyatt in the north slated to become the largest event space spanning over 100,000 square feet. The luxury hotel in Gurgaon offers a 25,000 square feet campus with 10 modern breakout venues on the same level – unique in the entire Delhi NCR, and perfect for corporate and social events. The next phase is the launch of Grand Club Lounge where guests residing in Grand Club and suites can enjoy complimentary access. In addition, there will be a whitehall specifically designed for large exhibitions and events with a private access and parking area and a picture house, which will be a customised social event space featuring 360 projection for individual curated parties.


The experience of dining at Grand Hyatt Gurgaon is elevated to new heights, as each venue speaks of its distinctive brand of hospitality. These venues redefine hospitality with a flair for the dramatic and the special. Whether it’s the elegant Parlour, the creatively themed Maison Maiya, or the laid-back yet chic Italian eatery, Cena Pranzo, guests at Grand Hyatt Gurgaon are guaranteed a one-of-a-kind culinary adventure. Maison Maiya is inspired by fantasy and illusion and presents a theatrically themed menu that combines Indian and Asian flavours. Chef Mauro Ferrari says, “Cena Pranzo embodies my love for Italy’s culinary traditions. It’s a privilege to share the simple yet profound flavors of my homeland with our guests. Each dish is a heartfelt tribute to the soul of Italy.” We had a great experience tasting the authentic Italian dishes. We tried the Cauliflower Risotto, Chilean Sea Bass which were perfectly cooked, delicately flavored, and melt in the mouth. I would personally vouch for the Tiramisu which is one of the best I have had in a long time. For those looking for a drink, Bar Musui is the place to be, with its vast selection of global libations and lively performances by jazz and blues musicians. Bar Musui, on the other hand, is a dark colonial bar with a focus on dark liquors and cigars. It is the ideal location to sit down and relax with close ones whilst enjoying the old world charm of the space. The concept of “fresh food fast” takes center stage, providing a remarkable gastronomic journey that travels beyond borders. Parlour offers a curated tea menu and an artisan coffee program for moments of relaxation.

It is the heart of the hotel, a meeting space and with artisanal bakes for every occasion. Grand Hyatt Gurgaon takes its commitment to the environment a step further with its Sunday brunches. Going “beyond brunch” at Maison Maiya, each dish served at the Sunday brunches are a work of art, individually plated like an à la carte masterpiece for every guest. This innovative approach has resulted in a remarkable 50 percent reduction in wastage, setting a commendable precedent for others to follow in the pursuit of a more sustainable future in the food and beverage industry. The Sunday brunch experience was just mind blowing.

The place was packed with guests but the service staff had everything served on time and took personal care of all guests. The open kitchen and personal interaction with chefs added to the whole dining experience. “Beyond Brunch, our innovative dining concept, blends the freshest ingredients for flavourful dishes. With sustainability at the core, we focus on à la minute preparation.” Tarun Seth, General Manager of Grand Hyatt Gurgaon, expresses confidence that guests will appreciate this approach to savour the flavours.“Beyond Brunch reflects our commitment to offering the freshest, high-quality produce tailored for each guest,” adds Executive Chef Mario Caramella.

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