Demand for online delivery has pushed the growth of eBikeGo in all verticals during the pandemic

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The two waves of the Covid-19 pandemic, as well as the resulting business and economic uncertainties, had minimal effect on Indian businessmen’s entrepreneurial spirit. This is evidenced by the fact that, after reaching a bottom in April 2020, some enterprises have been steadily increasing growth month after month. eBikeGo, India’s leading smart electric two-wheeler mobility platform is such a company which has shown growth in all dimensions during the lockdown period of ongoing pandemic.

As per the demand, it has increased the number of fleets from 300 electric scooters to 2100 electric scooters during the pandemic. Earlier the fleet was running upto 25,000 km per day and now it has increased to 1,20,000 km per day as per the increased requirement of the delivery of shipments.
Team eBikeGo

Simultaneously, the month on month revenue of the company has also shown an increase from 15 lakhs to 2.5 Crore in this period of time. The e-scooters of eBikeGo are currently operating in seven cities – Delhi, Mumbai, Hyderabad, Amritsar, Pune, Indore and Bengaluru and has shown a vertical growth in all spheres of operation in all these cities.

The company also hired more than 70 employees in leadership and managerial level since the outbreak of the pandemic and provided special benefits of Corona Kavach Policy to its employees.

“As per the current demand in online delivery, we have expanded our capacity in terms of fleet and manpower during this pandemic time. While we are building this up, we’re also planning on improving our infrastructure, technology and existing facilities to provide ultimate convenience to all networked professionals, trained riders, our key partners, and stake holders. With the existing tie-ups and increase in the volumes of fleets, we are targeting to fulfill 10,000 electric scooters within next financial year” said Irfan Khan, Founder & CEO of eBikeGo.

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