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A New Age Media Agency joins the ‘Media, Entertainment and Event’ bandwagon to champion the true potential of brands

Industry Stalwarts come together with Clear thoughts and Clear Communication to create unique distinction for brands in established media exposure avenues through brand activation, event promotion in small and big screen.
Mumbai, July 2021: Entrepreneur Raj Kundra has joined hands with some industry stalwarts to launch a Media Agency, ‘ClearCom Media’ in the Cinema Advertising, Events, Digital Marketing, Influencer Marketing, Event PR and In-film branding space. Raj Kundra previously owned the Rajasthan Royals Cricket Team from 2009-2013 in the Indian Premier League and Super Fight League, a mixed martial arts promotion which he founded in 2012. ClearCom Media will leverage the expertise and the entertainment industry network of the founders along with the media experience of the ClearCom Media team to bring value to the brands that they associate with to carve out their niche and shine in their own unique areas of strength.

Explaining the purpose behind starting the Media outfit, Mr. Raj Kundra, Director, ClearCom Media said, “Communication is the root of human relationships. Communication should be as transparent such that audiences shouldn’t have to “read between the lines” and make assumptions on their own to understand. ClearCom Media advocates clarity in thoughts, deeds and actions with a clear intent and transparency in all facets of media and entertainment business as the guiding light for success”.

He further added, “ClearCom Media would enable brands to live moments of optimism and happiness through value creating memorable experiences with their customers. The ClearCom Media leadership team bringing together a wealth of more than five decades of cumulative experience in the entertainment domain would help brands realize their true worth by emotionally connect with their customers leading a better brand-recall’.

ClearCom Media will provide brands an opportunity to communicate their message to a captive audience in a larger than life format with an uninterrupted, uncluttered media environment and a receptive state of mind through the power of Cinema Advertising. They can also help brands associate with a movie premiere by creating red carpet campaigns and create a buzz to gain potential consumers.

By partnering with the right Awards & Fashion Show Sponsorships, ClearCom Media will help brands generate leads, build credibility, increase brand awareness and loyalty. Partnering with the right award increases brand credibility and provides better networking opportunities and derive industry press coverage.

ClearCom Media can help an Event get promoted through Digital Marketing along with leveraging the huge follower base of influencers to reach a wider audience and build authority of their brand with their targeted audience through Influencer Marketing. ClearCom Media can also garner brand exposure, generate awareness and strengthen the brand’s image through Event PR. Through In-film Branding, ClearCom Media can support brands by capitalizing on the mass appeal of films, reach the huge captive audience base creatively through interwoven tailor-made scripts and help create traction.

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