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Flipkart’s Glam Up Event Launches New Perfumes with Taha Shah and Adah Sharma

Mumbai, 25th June 2024 – McNROE, the parent company of Wild Stone, CODE & Secret Temptation, launched their latest fragrance collections at Mumbai’s ‘Flipkart Glam Up’ event. Bollywood stars such as the latest heartthrob Taha Shah and the charming Adah Sharma unveiled the new scents, adding a touch of magic and star power to the occasion.

Adah Sharma with Body Mist_Secret Temptation

Secret Temptation introduced its new captivating Body Mists —Bloom, Magic, Dew, and Bold. The most exciting part is that they are the first in the category to proudly carry the claim – Safe On Skin, reflecting the brand’s dedication to quality products. This dermatologically tested range is the result of the brand’s extensive research on female preferences and each fragrance is crafted with unique natural notes, offering a ‘Fresh out-of-the-shower’ feeling throughout the day.

Simultaneously, Wild Stone CODE has unveiled its opulent new collection of luxury body perfumes: Blanc, Bleu, and Noir. Each scent is meticulously crafted to provide a fresh and unique experience tailored to different times of the day. Begin your morning with Blanc, featuring aromatic and citrusy notes for a refreshing start—transition to Bleu in the evening, with its fresh and woody scent that enhances your suave personality. Embrace Noir’s spicy and Ambery essence for celebratory occasions and sophisticated nights out. These luxurious fragrances exude a bold & mystical allure, perfect for the modern man.

Mr. Ankit Daga, Head of Business Development at McNROE, shared his excitement, stating, “We are thrilled to introduce these exquisite fragrances. Our new collections exemplify our commitment to innovation and excellence in personal care, and we are confident they will enhance the everyday fragrance experience for our consumers.”

The event was a grand celebration attended by various celebrities such as Taha Shah, Adah Sharma, Tapsee Pannu, the cast of Ishq Vishq 2, and others. With the launch of these new product ranges, Secret Temptation and Wild Stone CODE are set to redefine personal style and freshness through their unique blend of premium ingredients.

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