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Auto drivers too are socially conscious

Hyderabad, June 26, 2024……., Freemasons of Telangana observed and celebrated Universal Brotherhood Day in a late night function on Monday at Goshamahal Baradari Masonic Building at Goshamahal in Hyderabad. Shri Suresh Chukkapalli, the Honorary Consular General of the Republic of Korea in Hyderabad was the chief guest and Shri B. Krupanandam, a retired IAS officer was the guest of honour.

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In a rare gesture, the Freemason members in the twin cities of Hyderabad, Secunderabad, Warangal and Nalgonda organized a felicitation to five citizens who played good Samaritans.

These five individuals were honoured with shawls and goodies by Shri Suresh Chukkapalli, the Honorary Consular General of the Republic of Korea in Hyderabad was the chief guest and Shri B. Krupanandam, a retired IAS officer and Mr Anil Desai; Mr P.Veerabhadrudu; Mr Manchala Ramesh, Dr Srirang Abkari, Mr P. Raj Narsing Rao the Assistant Regional Grand Master of Freemsons of Telangana in the presence of 200 plus members, their families, families of good Samaritans and guest.

Honouring good Samaritans is a laudable gesture by the Freemasons, said Shri Suresh Chukkapalli. This proves that there are people who practice ‘honesty’ and organisations like Freemasons which recognizes their practice, appreciates and encourages

Mr Anil Desai, Mr P.Veerabhadrudu, Mr Manchala Ramesh, Dr Srirang Abkari, Mr P. Raj Narsing Rao said Freemasonry is a morale-building organization. It makes good men better. An initiative like this sends an inspiring message to the society so that values are valued.

Honesty is the best policy, and for many it is mere a phrase. But, these five individuals followed it. No doubt values are deteriorating. Instead of cribbing about dishonesty, why don’t we encourage those who practice honesty? With this thought in mind, the Freemasons of Telangana have been honouring such Good Samaritans. This is the second time we have done and we will continue to do so in the future informed D. Ramchandram, a Freemason member and the man behind the initiative, who is also passionate about doing such things.

These five include two auto drivers—Dade Srinivas and Mohd Khaleem Hussain, one lady bus conductor Mrs. Uma Rani Errpula, one boy C. Anirudh and a sales executive Mahesh Chary for their honesty and good work.

What is the public image or perception of an auto driver? They don’t have functional meters and ply as per them. They fleece money. But, this little educated auto driver is a change agent. He is making many think about his writings. He must have written these writings in thousands of places in the last two and half years. The medium he uses is very unique. He has not been unknown until now as never left any of his contact details on those writings.

Dade Srinivas, fifty years old auto driver, a resident of Amberpet of Hyderabad is known for his writings, “Manam Marali” on public places—Telephone and electricity poles, traffic dividing walls on the road and any other empty places on the road. I do these with meagre earnings as an auto driver. Besides this limitation, many people used to object me from writing like this. I was also threatened, but some how I managed to carry on says he.

Normally what do we think about a boy of 12 years? They don’t know much. Concerned over the felling of trees close to his house in Kakatiya Nagar of Ramachandrapuram Mandal, a 12-year-old boy Anirudh climbed onto a tree to prevent it from being chopped down. The boy Anirudh remained on the tree for seven hours, skipping school. He is now studying in 9th Class in Narayana School at Ramachandrapuram, BHEL.

Mahesh Chary was the third good Samaritan who Freemasons of Telangana felicitated. He is working as a Sales Executive, at Tanishq Jewellery, KPHB Colony, Kukatpally. One day while he was walking in Phase 9 of the road, he found a bundle of cash, which later was found -He picked it up and promptly handed it over to the police and proved that honesty still exists and there are honest people.

Uma Rani Errpula Garu has been working as a Bus Conductor for the past 13 years. Currently, she is working in Musheerabad Depo 2. One day she was on duty on a bus going from Musheerabad to Patancheru. She found that a passenger had forgotten his wallet. She promptly handed it over to the depo manager, who subsequently gave it back to its owner. Uma Garu has three daughters. Her husband Chandra Mohan Garu works in a private firm. They live in Nacharam.

Mohammed Khaleem Hussain is an Auto Driver, plying his auto for the past 15 years. He owns his auto. He showed honesty by returning a bag containing, along with some jewellery and marriage invitation cards to Banjara Hills Police. The owner of the bag Mr. Ramraj Thiwari also reached out to the Police to give a complaint and he was shocked to know that the auto driver was in the police station with the bag and surprised at his honesty. Ramraj has withdrawn money from SBI bank for a marriage in the family. In a gesture of honesty shown by this autorickshaw driver by returning money to the owner, the family could perform the marriage in the family

Freemasons were proud to honour them. This gesture of theirs touched many attendees hearts and there was an overwhelming response. D. Ramchandram, the man behind the initiative took a vow to continue this effort every year.

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