Kohinoor Hospital Launches a Comprehensive Cancer Cure Centre to Give a Fresh Lease Of Life To Patients


Mumbai: The Projected number of cancer patients with cancer in India is 13, 92,179 for the year 2020, and the common 5 leading sites are Breast, Lung, Mouth, Cervix Uteri, and tongue. Trends in cancer incidence rates showed an increase in all sites of cancer in both sexes. As per the ICMR cancer center, Oral cancer incidence increased by a whopping 114% in the last 6 yrs. Incidence of cancer cases and death has increased by 10% in last 3 yrs. Around 12 people of 100 are genetically inclined to suffer from cancer. Keeping in mind the rising numbers, Kohinoor Hospital launched a comprehensive cancer cure center to treat patients with a multidisciplinary approach.

Cancer is the condition in which this controlled multiplication of cells becomes uncontrolled and thus causing an array of symptoms. Cancer sometimes begins in one part of the body and spreads to surrounding and distant areas which is termed metastasis. Factors causing cancer are lack of nutritious food intake, lack of exercise, addictions (tobacco, smoking, etc), and pollution.

Changes to your body’s normal process or unusual and unexplained symptoms can be signs of early cancer. Accurately coming to the diagnosis of cancer can take weeks to months of time but wait for a complete appropriate diagnosis for a few weeks will not usually impact the effectiveness of treatment. When the term ‘cancer’ is heard after a diagnosis, the patient and family face a range of overwhelming feelings like shock, panic, denial, numbness, or anger. After the acceptance of this heart-wrenching news comes the next step of making the most inevitable decision for choosing the right treatment center. Many patients feel powerless, scared, and defeated. They face an intimidating medical condition and often don′t know where to turn for accurate help and comfort.

The Surgical Oncology Department at Kohinoor hospital, headed by Chief Onco Surgeon Dr. Amit Gandhi provides diagnostic and consultative service for individuals with problems related to Solid Tumors. Complex tumor removals are skillfully performed there. Recent advancement in cancer surgery includes a novel surgical technique CRS+HIPEC. CRS and HIPEC are complex, multidisciplinary, and capital-intensive interventions offered at Kohinoor Hospital. This Technique is especially for advanced ovarian cancers, Appendiceal cancer, colorectal cancer, pseudo myxoma peritoni, peritoneal mesothelioma. Medical Oncology is a discipline that deals with the systemic therapy of cancer including chemotherapy, hormonal therapy, targeted therapies, supportive care, and bone marrow transplantation. Kohinoor hospital has a well-equipped Day Care Center for Chemotherapies with extremely efficient and dedicated Nursing Staff.

Dr Amit Gandhi, Head Onco Surgeon at Kohinoor Hospital said, “We, At Kohinoor Hospital, understand that people want access to advance treatments, skilled and committed doctors, personalized attention, and to be treated with respect and dignity in a clean and positive environment. We offer a full range of cutting-edge treatment options at high levels of care and convenience. We strive to bring brighter futures to cancer patients and help improve cancer survival rates. Our comprehensive cancer care setup addresses each and every need of the body and mind of each patient. We treat the whole patient, not just cancer. We have been fighting cancer for decades. We take an individualized, personalized approach to every patient. You′ll discover this difference as soon as you meet our team of doctors and other care providers. Our qualified cancer specialists have extensive experience in treating all types of cancers.”

Around 10,000 cancer patients have been managed so far. More than 20 cancer patients are coming daily. Breast, Lung, Mouth, Cervix Uteri, and tongue cancers are commonly seen in patients.

Dr. Gandhi said,” Radiation Therapy is one of the most effective modalities for most cancers. It is estimated that Radiation Therapy is directly responsible for at least 40% of all cancer patients surviving beyond five years. We are coming up with a state of art Radiation unit from Aug 2021. Our only motive at Kohinoor Hospital is to help patients win over cancer through our value-based medical expertise. The human body is entirely made up of cells which are capable of dividing millions of times.”

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