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IFCN Supports Medical Dialogues and 38 Others in Global Fact-Checking Initiative

Delhi, 27th June 2024 :- Aiming to step up the health and medical fact-checking initiative in India, Medical Dialogues has recently been granted the BUILD grant by the International Fact-Checking Network (IFCN) at the Poynter Institute. These grants are funded by Google and YouTube to support the capabilities of fact-checking organizations around the world.

The funding is part of a $975,000 allocation by the IFCN, distributed across 39 organisations in 34 countries during the network’s second BUILD phase. This phase is designed to bolster the operational capacity of fact-checking groups, enabling them to support local and regional initiatives effectively. Medical Dialogues is one of three organisations from India selected to receive this grant.

IFCN Director Angie Holan highlighted the importance of these grants, particularly in an election year, stating, “This vital funding will energise fact-checking organisations, sharpening their skills, amplifying their capabilities, and expanding their reach. As we navigate the complexities of global voting, fact-checking fosters a culture of critical thinking that leads to a more informed electorate.”

Meghna A Singhania, Editor in Chief, Medical Dialogues, expressed her gratitude for the grant: “We are thankful to IFCN for this support and recognition. With medical misinformation and disinformation prevalent in our country, this grant will take us a long way in stepping up our fact checking and myth busting efforts and ensure the public has access to reliable and verified health information in various Indian languages.”

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