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Glitz, Glam and a lot more about the world of cinema! Here are 5 reasons why Industry on Amazon miniTV is a must watch

Mumbai, 19th June 2024: Amazon miniTV, Amazon’s free video streaming service, recently released its slice-of-life drama- Industry. Produced by The Viral Fever (TVF), the series follows Aayush Verma, an aspiring screenwriter, navigating the unpredictable world of the film industry. With a blend of personal relations, professional challenges, romance, and the constant interplay between success and failure, Aayush’s story is a bittersweet resonance to the dreams and struggles of many. Along with offering a unique perspective on the relentless hustle behind Bollywood’s glittering exterior, here are the 5 reasons why Industry is a must-watch on Amazon miniTV.

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  • In-depth exploration of Bollywood: Industry offers a raw and authentic look into the often-unheard side of Bollywood, away from its glamorous veneer. Peeling back the glittering layer of the film industry, the narrative delves into the gritty reality of aspiring artist’s lives, highlighting their struggles, heartbreaks, and perseverance. Whether you’re a film enthusiast or just curious to learn about the world of the Bollywood industry, this series is a compelling and eye-opening experience.
  • Characters that will resonate and strike a chord!: Industry is a captivating narrative chronicling Aayush Verma’s journey through moments of joy, heartbreak, success, and failure. Each episode reveals more about his complex life, highlighting his relationships, challenges, and unwavering determination. With personal drama and professional setbacks, the narrative takes you through his life’s highs and lows, making you empathize with him and root for his success.
  • An inspiring journey of ambition and resilience: Industry is not merely a series about Bollywood life, it underlines the relentless hustle and undying spirit of those who aspire to make it big. The series paints a vivid picture of the life of an aspiring screenwriter, highlighting the perseverance and passion required to make a mark in the film industry. Aayush’s unabated journey in the storyline will inspire the viewers to chase their dreams, regardless of their daunting obstacles.
  • An ensemble that does complete justice: The series features standout performances by the talented cast, including Chunky Panday, Gagan Arora, and Asha Negi. Each actor skilfully portrays their character, adding layers of complexity and making it a captivating watch. Along with Chunky Panday’s powerful performance, Gagan Arora masterfully captures his character’s determination and vulnerability, while Asha Negi adds further depth to the story through her role.
  • Watch for free: Experience the enchanting and inspiring world of Bollywood through the eyes of an aspiring screenwriter in Industry for free on Amazon miniTV. There is no need to pay anything to tune in to this intriguing drama on a subscription basis. It is now available to stream on Amazon miniTV and Fire TV within the Amazon Shopping App and on Play Store.

Immerse in the heart and soul of Hindi cinema, where dreams collide with harsh realities in Industry exclusively on Amazon miniTV, available on Amazon’s shopping app, Prime Video, Fire TV, smart TVs, and Play Store!

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