What India ordered in 2022? Here’s the Top 10 trending delivery categories of 2022, suggests data from Borzo

Mumbai, December 22: During this year, as various online services have gained prominence, surely you must have flicked through one of the many e-commerce apps or food and fashion apps, even e-pharmacies, D2C websites to track your ordered item. People also used delivery services to send and receive parcels from friends and families within the city. Well, 2022 saw millions of orders being processed, packed, and delivered online through various delivery apps. Several of these ‘tech-enabled’ apps have successfully delivered orders carrying various categories of products. But have you ever wondered what Indians order the most? The latest Data from Borzo (erstwhile WeFast) reveals that the most popular and trending categories amongst Indians in 2022 were Food, Clothes, and Documents.

The average order distance in Mumbai was 13.2km, in Delhi 16.6km, and in Bengaluru, it was 14.5km. The most active days for deliveries were Tuesday and Thursday and the busiest hours for deliveries lasted more than 12 hours beginning at 11 am and ending at midnight at 3 am. The most interesting post-pandemic consumer behavior change to be noticed was the least active day of the week Sunday as delivery partners received fewer orders as compared to other days of the week. Mumbai, Delhi, and Bengaluru were the most active cities in terms of deliveries. The top industries amongst orders comprised Grocery at 40%, Food at 20%, eCommerce at 20%, and others at 20% which include Financial Institutions, Media & Communication, School/Educational Institutions, Event Management, Hobbies & Entertainment, General Merchandise, Fulfilment Service, Dental Products, Optics, Courier Lead, and Garden tools.

Each day Borzo’s 35000+ gig delivery partners combined traveled a distance equivalent of 7 times circumnavigating the world.

The robust e-commerce boom in India has resulted in several brands opting for the D2C route by fulfilling orders through several logistics players. Delivery of several product categories is gaining popularity amongst Indians amidst the booming online shopping world. Food and clothes are the most popular delivery categories of 2022. Interestingly, Documents are the third most trending category. Earlier, the document segment was dominated by traditional courier companies, whereas now the demand for intra-city quick document delivery has strengthened new-age logistics players.

The fourth most trending delivery category was groceries. The online order for medicines has gained popularity this year with Pharma products being the fifth most popular items being delivered. The sixth and seventh most trending categories were Electronics and Sweets respectively. Samples such as Materials, Food testers, product samples, etc. ranked eighth and delivery of Fabrics particularly covering the B2B segment ranked ninth. Indians indulged in sending gifts and parcels to friends and families which made it rank as the tenth most trending category of 2022.

The below ranking has been arrived at post evaluating aggregated data from millions of deliveries in India this year. The orders include successfully delivered orders in both business/enterprise as well as hyper-local segments.

Top 10 most popular delivery categories in 2022

1. Food

2. Clothes

3. Documents

4. Groceries

5. Pharmacy

6. Electronics

7. Sweets

8. Samples

9. Fabric

10. Gifts

Top 10 most popular delivery categories in Mumbai in 2022

1. Food 28%

2. Clothes 20%

3. Documents 17%

4. Groceries 8%

5. Pharmacy 7%

6. Electronic devices 5%

7. Sweets 4%

8. Samples 4%

9. Fabric 4%

10. Presents 3%

Top 10 most popular delivery categories in Delhi in 2022

1. Clothes 32%

2. Food 22%

3. Documents 19%

4. Groceries 8%

5. Pharmacy 6%

6. Electronic devices 3%

7. Presents 3%

8. Samples 3%

9. Fabric 2%

10. Shoes 2%

Top 10 most popular delivery categories in Bengaluru in 2022

1. Food 41%

2. Documents 19%

3. Clothes 12%

4. Pharmacy 7%

5. Groceries 6%

6. Electronic devices 5%

7. Sweets 3%

8. Hardware 3%

9. Books 2%

10. Flowers 2%

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