SMAAASH Utopia City Lower Parel Mumbai Celebrates Cake Mixing Ceremony


Back in the 17th century cakemixing was done to mark the arrival of harvest season. The procedure of cakemixing ceremony followed currently is same as before. This tradition used to be an intimate family affair back in the days but now it is not just reserved to Christian households. Nowadays, many hotels and restaurants organize community cake mixing ceremonies. The tradition of cake mixing actually began in Europe. The whole family used to come together for this activity which symbolized unity and hard work. The final mixture was then soaked in alcohol and preserved for weeks together.

Do you know that cake mix was also considered a Christmas gift in the olden days? People used to present their own unique recipe of cake mixture to their friends and family with great pride. Smaaash has been following this tradition since 2015. It’s a lot of fun and involves people from all the departments. The cake mixing was held on December 17th and stored until Christmas where the Christmas cake will be made on 24th eve and then kept for sale and consumption.


Pic Source: Viewpoint Public Relations

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