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Truflation integrates with Injective to drive DEX activity and product diversity

TUESDAY, NOVEMBER 29, 2023 – Truflation, the independent and unbiased provider of verifiable economic data and indexes, is thrilled to announce its integration with innovative layer1 blockchain Injective to provide data feeds for the pricing of real-world assets (RWAs) across the Injective ecosystem.

Through the integration of Truflation’s real-time economic data feeds and indexes, any exchange or front-end application built on Injective’s platform can now effortlessly launch RWA-based indexes in a fully decentralized and on-chain environment. This is realized because of Injective’s robust infrastructures and Truflation’s data streams and price feeds in aggregate across commodities, metals, and precious metals and indexes.

Injective is a blockchain built for finance that is launching a range of innovative dApps to power the evolution of decentralized finance. Truflation’s data is already powering the Helix, the premier decentralized crypto exchange built on Injective, with the integration likely to see Truflation’s proprietary data rolled out across the network.

Commenting on the partnership, Stefan Rust, CEO of Truflation, says: “We are truly thrilled to be integrating with Injective: an exciting layer1 blockchain that – with the help of Truflation’s unrivaled economic data feeds – is set to drive the next market cycle.

“This also marks the next step of Truflation’s evolution, which will see us roll out our 15 million data points beyond simple inflation reading and into the pricing of RWAs. The tokenization of real-world assets will be a big growth area for digital assets, one we plan to power with our fully independent, verifiable, and on-chain economic data.”

Truflation also plans to launch the first futures commodity index exchange on Injective, which will further benefit users to trade indexes, futures, and derivatives on top of rare commodities.

Eric Chen, CEO and co-founder of Injective Labs, says: “We are excited to have Truflation join the rapidly growing Injective ecosystem and bring a number of novel real-world assets. This integration will play a crucial role in driving Injective’s growth and revolutionizing the entire DeFi sector.”

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