St. Louis Area Diaper Bank Creates Partnership with The Little Bit Foundation

St. Louis Area Diaper Bank

Two nonprofits join forces for the very first time to provide period supplies for area students

(St. Louis, Mo., May 5, 2021) — The St. Louis Area Diaper Bank and its Alliance for Period Supplies program recently partnered with The Little Bit Foundation to provide period supplies to St. Louis area schools and their students.  The partnership will provide 100,000 period products to 2,500 menstruating students.

Two separate bills were recently proposed in the Missouri House of Representatives that would require school districts to supply free period products in middle schools, high schools, and charter schools.  Only three U.S. states – California, Illinois, and New York – currently require schools serving students in grades six through 12 to provide free menstrual products in their restrooms.

“We are so grateful to solidify this partnership with St. Louis Area Diaper Bank and thrilled to provide another essential resource to our families experiencing even greater financial distress during these difficult times,” said The Little Bit Foundation CEO and Co-founder Rosemary Hanley.  “No parent should have to choose between which basic need they’ll have to sacrifice today.”

Founded in 2019, the St. Louis Alliance for Period Supplies (STL APS) is a Diaper Bank program that distributes period supplies through community partners, as well as advocates for the elimination of “period poverty”.  Established in 2001, The Little Bit Foundation works to eliminate barriers to learning by addressing the basic needs of under-resourced students and their families in the St. Louis region.  Little Bit currently brings partnerships and programs to 42 area schools that help students stay focused on their academic goals.

“Menstrual products are largely viewed as luxuries rather than the basic needs they truly are,” said St. Louis Area Diaper Bank Executive Director Muriel Smith.  “This partnership between our organizations will alleviate the stress students endure in terms of having access and the financial means for purchasing period supplies.”  Smith added, “Many are unaware that period poverty in the U.S. is real and, because of the pandemic, St. Louis students are experiencing the effects at a much higher rate than ever before.”

Founded in 2014, the St. Louis Area Diaper Bank provides diaper access to the region’s low-income families, as well as raises community awareness about the causes and consequences of diaper need.  The nonprofit is a member of the National Diaper Bank Network, a nationwide nonprofit dedicated to eliminating diaper need and “period poverty” in America.  For information, call (314) 624-0888 or visit their website (

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