Pre-Budget Quote by Mr. Lalit Khetan, CFO of Ramkrishna Forgings

Lalit Khetan Image

Speaking about the expectations from Union Budget 2023, Mr. Lalit Khetan, CFO of Ramkrishna Forgings shares, ” All eyes are on the Union budget and what transformations and relaxations it will bring forth. The Government should consider introducing policies and schemes to bolster Small Industries and businesses. This would have a positive impact on the prices, as bridging the supply chain gap would restore balance in the market and curb the rising prices. The commercial vehicle segment is another integral part of the economy, and any new investment in this area can be a boon for many businesses. The government should take the initiative to promote new investments in this segment, both on a national and local level. This can be done through providing tax breaks and other development incentives, as well as investing in infrastructure and improving transport networks. The automotive industry could use support for the scrappage policy.

The Government appears to be making a concerted effort to invest heavily in the development of railways, and the government’s initiative to revamp and electrify the sector is sure to yield significant results. Substantial investments and streamlining administrative procedures for railways will be helpful in ushering in a period of positive economic development.”

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