Palak Shah, Founder, Plush Cafe, Bandra and novelist, Peach, Plum and Damson

Palak Shah, Founder, Plush Cafe, Bandra and novelist, Peach, Plum and Damson

Palak Shah is a 22 year old woman Founder of Bandra’s newest hotspot Plush Cafe that aims to bring the quintessentially beautiful and flower laden cafe culture to Mumbai, and author of Plum, Peach and Damson, a true-to-heart poetry compilation. A master of multiple trades, this young stalwart might be just starting out, but has definitely made her mark across industries–be it writing or running a cafe.

A cinematography student who studied in London, Palak always enjoyed the quaint and plush Oxford street cafes rich in variety and culture—also an inspiration for her namesake cafe in Bandra now. Upon returning and finishing her Entrepreneurship graduation from Mumbai, Palak, who had always been bitten by the writing bug and performed her poetry in front of the audience, decided to compile all her poetries into a self-published novel at the age of 21. Ranging from With over 30 lakh listeners on her book debut Radio show with RJ Erica, this beautifully penned book touches your soul and covers unspoken issues such as men’s insecurities to global issues such as feminism and gender neutrality with inimitable ease.

Palak Shah

With a yearning to do more and pay heed to her original passion of opening up a cafe, Palak decided to dive right in, despite the COVID-19 pandemic. No culinary background, knowledge about the license or prior experience did not deter this strong young woman, who spent over a year studying every aspect of opening up a cafe on her own. Right from sourcing vendors, deciding on the packaging, plating, color palette and finding the right chef and team to designing the interior, buying equipment and getting Eating house and fire licenses in an astonishingly short period of time—there’s nothing this millennial hasn’t accomplished.

After months of R&D, experiments and fighting the odds as a young woman business owner, Palak opened the doors to Plush Cafe, what is today’s Bandra’s THE place to be. Lauded by celebrities, this picturesque 24 seater cafe is laden with floral arrangements. Serving up everything from reimagined Italian, continental, and even Jain, Keto, Vegan and Gluten free options, each one more Instagram worthy than the other. What’s more, the cafe has now also launched their own Patisserie, a major feast in itself. With more than 15 members in her team, and all the responsibility on her shoulders, Palak is the true embodiment of a team player who thrives on challenges. Her vision going forward is to recruit and empower as many women around her as she can, enabling them to do both—learn from her journey and grow together, and strengthen their abilities to run their homes independently. Palak continues to strive towards creating new experiences and contributing towards a better future for everyone.

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