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Altruist Group upgrades to Hotelogix multi-property management system on Cloud

Altruist Group upgrades to Hotelogix multi-property management system on CloudBengaluru, 03rd July 2024: Hotelogix, a globally leading cloud-based hospitality technology provider, said that Altruist Group in India has upgraded to its multi-property management system to gain centralized control over group operations. The group also aims to drive growth by adding new properties with the robust technology platform Hotelogix provides.

The Altruist Group operates ten properties across major Indian metros such as Hyderabad, Bangalore, Mumbai, Gurugram, and Kolkata. Specializing in corporate accommodations, they are recognized for innovating corporate-managed residences and business stays throughout India. The group is also committed to sustainability, exemplified by their introduction of Electric Vehicles for transportation. Their initiatives extend to smart energy consumption, water conservation, eco-friendly waste management, and minimizing paper usage, all aimed at reducing their carbon footprint—a practice all hoteliers should prioritize.

Before adopting Hotelogix, the group had multiple disparate solutions – a mix of on-premises and local software across properties. “Having heterogeneous solutions was a deterrent to gaining centralized control over group operations. It led to information gaps, and we couldn’t get a single view of the business. As a result, we started looking for a reliable solution and found Hotelogix the right tool for efficient group operations,” said Mayank Aggarwal, Director-Sales.

“Hotelogix ensured a faster and hassle-free implementation across all ten hotels. With centralized control, our corporate office can now access central-level group-wide reports for informed decision-making and centralized rate management across properties. It has also equipped each property GM with Mobile PMS Apps to execute operations and access critical KPIs, allowing them to make decisions on the go,” Mayank said. “The report scheduler in Hotelogix auto-sends our choice of reports to intended recipients, which is very convenient.”

Hotelogix also integrated a channel manager tool to assist the group with real-time online distribution for more OTA sales. “Hotelogix’s dynamic pricing feature auto-updates rates based on occupancy helping us maximize revenue opportunities while we sleep,” Mayank said.

Speaking about this development, Sivaprasad Gangadharan, Chief Sales Officer at Hotelogix, said, “Multi-property management on cloud is an absolute must for every Hotel Group as part of any digitization strategy and deliver the impact for their portfolio properties and the Altruist Group adopting our solution is a testament to that. We are happy to be able to fulfill their technological requirements and welcome them to our growing client base.”

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