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Made in India water structuring device JIVA energises stressed water and revives soil

JIVA Team (L-R) Madhusudan Vittoba, Balakrishnan AM, Srinivasan Vittoba, Dr. Krishna Madappa, Mahesh Sarma

JIVA Team (L-R) Madhusudan Vittoba, Balakrishnan AM, Srinivasan Vittoba, Dr. Krishna Madappa, Mahesh Sarma

16th March 2022, Coimbatore: Bengaluru-based technology company for sustainable water solutions, 4th Phase Water Technologies Pvt. Ltd, today announced that it has launched its flagship product- JIVA- a water rejuvenating device with initial installations in 25+ agri and dairy farms in Coimbatore and Erode districts.

Company founder and globally acclaimed Indian water scientist, Dr. Krishna Madappa shares, “we have developed a deep-tech scientific device, aptly called JIVA. This is fitted onto domestic and agricultural pipes, pumps etc. through which normal water is made to pass a three-step bio-energising process that erases any trauma present in the water, increases its energy levels and elevates water to its most natural and nourishing state.”

Director of 4th Phase Technologies, V Srinivasan said, “as part of our study we met over 200 farmers across Tamil Nadu of which nearly 100 were from Coimbatore and Erode alone. Majority of the farmers across the state and many from a few districts of Coimbatore and Erode stated that the water used for irrigation was highly polluted, sluggish and of poor quality.”

“Of the 100 farmers who were introduced to Jiva, 25 have installed the devices named ‘VIPASA’ in their farms and many more are expected to sign-up in the coming days.”

“The initial feedback from the farmers has been highly encouraging. They are stating that the harshness of water has reduced and even the water tastes better. This is because the life sustaining properties of water, once restored, is able to enhance the moisture absorption ability and thereby revive the nutrient content of the soil. Soil with higher moisture absorption has better holding and nourishing capacity. It holds crop roots firmly into the soil allowing it to penetrate deeply and absorb more nutrients. This improves the overall quality and quantity of yield. We would like Jiva to become a de-facto product for every farmer in the near future.”

Overall, Jiva water significantly increases-;

• Yield, quality and shelf life across multiple crop types (18 were covered in the trial period namely paddy, chilli, tomato, coriander to name a few.) More crop types are being added now
• Water absorption by soil and moisture content thereby decreasing water consumption
• Nutrient absorption by crop roots thus reducing usage of pesticides and fertilizers
• Oxygen concentration and revival of micro-organisms that are beneficial to soil

Furthermore, Jiva water reduces-;

• Harshness of water
• Plant diseases afflicting crops
• Calcification in industrial or household pipes carrying hard water

Mr. Srinivasan further shares, “JIVA devices come in four models catering to both Consumer and Agriculture segments with prices ranging from INR 8500 to INR 115000 depending on the application and usage. These get fitted onto the most common water pumps or pipelines anywhere, be it in houses, fields, animal sheds, poultry etc.” 

Elaborating on the business plans for both the regions, Srini adds, “over 4 lakh farmers are irrigating farms in Coimbatore and Erode districts each. Majority of them are using ground water (pumps) to irrigate their fields. Our plan is to reach maximum number of farmers over the next five years. We want maximum farmers to benefit from this revolutionary technology that infuses life energy into water thus reviving soil and our life itself. Our vision in the next 3-5 years is to spread the awareness of the trauma in water and lead the movement to revive it, in India and globally.”

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