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India’s largest conference on Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning, AI Days 2024

Hyderabad, March 18th, 2024: More than 2,000 IT professionals, researchers, startups and students will be taking part in AI Days 2024 conference. With a stellar line-up of 70+ speakers from across the globe, this conference paves the way for Hyderabad to become the AI Capital. Swecha, along with multiple partners, is organising this conference with the motto of ‘AI4Society’.

Praveen, Professor IIT: Praveen Chandra, Swecha, Secretary; Nagendranath, Advisor, Salamander; Y Kiran Chandra, Founder, Swecha; Chaitanya, Founder CTO, Ozonetel & Pratap Reddy, Professor, Emeritus, Former R & D, Chairman, JNTUH, President, Swecha; releasing the brochure of India’s largest conference on AI & ML, ‘AI Days 2024’; being hosted by Swecha Telangana at a press conference, today at Swecha Telangana, Gachibowli.

AI Days brings together experts from various fields – Information Technology, Healthcare, AgriTech, FinTech, Semi-Conductors, EduTech and various startups – to discuss the way forward in building AI for the betterment of the society. Speakers from companies including Google, Facebook (Meta), Microsoft, Qualcomm, Micron, Ozonetel, Tech Vedika, DigiQuanta, Arka MediaWorks among others will be involved in these discussions. In addition, the conference will see deliberations on governance and policy aspects of AI. JNTU Hyderabad will be the venue for this conference.

At the conference, a Telugu AI Voice Assistant will be launched. This AI assistant will enable farmers, frontline healthcare workers, sanitation workers and others to access the wonders of artificial intelligence. This project enables them to interact with AI using their own voice in their mother tongue.

Another project that will be launched during the conference is a high-performance distributed supercomputer. This project connects tens of thousands of computers across Telangana and transforms them into a combined supercomputer, to run intensive AI/ML applications. Typically, for running an AI application, it costs thousands of dollars per day. Our innovative solution uses unused / spare capacity of computers to run these applications at a fraction of the cost. This is a first of its kind effort across the globe.

Chaitanya, Founder CTO, Ozonetel; speaking on the occasion said, AI is a generational change, IT brought loads of jobs and changed the world, similarly AI is going to positively impact the world. We wanted to initiate something in AI and in the process-initiated AI for Chandamama kathalu in Telugu and executed and shared it in open source. Now we want to show a path to initiate on similar lines for all Indian languages. To make that happens we want to host a conference where we can invite all these people and showcase the process. We want to make Hyderabad the capital of AI, because Hyderabad has IT companies, Start-ups, Research Institutes including Central Research Institutes, educational institutions, defense organizations, it’s the healthcare capital, no city has so many domains concentrated in one place. We want to support Indian languages through this and explore the process of open-source model.

Y Kiran Chandra, Founder, Swecha; any new technology takes years to be accessible to common man, the earlier it is accessible to the people the greater the beneficial outcomes which help in the evolution of mankind. There is an opinion that AI will take away jobs, but we need to look upon it as a tool to address the various challenges the society faces in its progress. One may have creative thoughts but may not have the ability to express it, that’s where AI can aid us. Chandamama kathalu was our first initiative to bring AI within the access of common man and to make it an integrated part of our daily life. In this direction we are working to make the machines to work on various things using AI. Hyderabad has the ecosystem to make it the capital of AI. The conference on AI we intend to host in Hyderabad will have 2200 delegates, besides world renowned experts on AI like Raj Reddy and Dr VS Ramachandram, will address it. AI can remove the language barriers whichever world language one converses in; we would be in a position to comprehend. It can help in the healthcare treatment too and in many other challenges.

The eminent speakers at the Conference include Padma Bhushan Dr VS Ramachandran, listed in the TIME Magazine’s 100 Most Influential People in the world; Prof Gaurav Raina, Former Chairman, Mobile Payments Forum of India; Dr Ashish Tendulkar, AI/ML Leader at Google; Chaitanya, Founder CTO, Ozonetel; Nag Malladi, VP, Tech Mahindra; Y Kiran Chandra, Founder, Swecha; Nagi V, Sr Advisor, Salamander; Sunil Abraham, Director, Facebook India; Sai S, Founder CEO, Tech Vedika; Shobhu Yarlagadda, Founder, Arka Mediaworks and Producer of Baahubali series; among others.

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