Special Story: The Future of the Indian Republic

2029: Young Leaders to Navigate Rough Waters for the Post of PM

  • Uttar Pradesh may hold the key, a young, popular, and efficient leader either from politics or corporate domain may emerge from the state to take the top post
  • What future awaits the Indian Republic in 2029? Another question that comes to our mind is who after Modi? The recent Union Cabinet Reshuffle has given enough indication that Prime Minister Narendra Modi wants to make an army of efficient young leaders and the best among them could aspire for the post of Prime Minister. Young parliamentarians, ministers, States CM, and leaders from the ruling parties, allies, opposition parties, bureaucrats, technocrats, industrialists, and some dark horses would be in the race for the top post and given the complexity of Indian politics they will have to navigate rough waters for certain. It is widely admitted that the way Modi has shaped the roadmap of the Indian Republic, it is going to be an open race for the top post in 2029 and those who have a stronger mass base, money, and mindset reading capabilities of Indian voters would be the front runners.

    By 2029, Congress leaders Rahul Gandhi, Sachin Pilot, Srinivas BV among others would certainly be in the race, though the Indian voters have rejected Rahul Gandhi’s leadership several times. Gandhi’s candidature would be determined by the party’s performance in the 2024 general elections. Similarly, the fate of other Young Congress leaders would depend much on their performance in the coming eight years.

    The Bhartiya Janata Party (BJP) and Prime Minister Modi would look for a younger leader to take rein from seniors. Modi and Amit Shah, by 2029, would prefer to be in the role of ‘MargDarshak’ ( Guide), the ‘respectful position’ being enjoyed today by BJP stalwarts Lal Krishna Advani and Murli Manohar Joshi. Hence, being younger Uttar Pradesh CM Yogi Adityanath would be a frontrunner if he wins Assembly elections in 2022 and 2027. In such a political scenario, only a dark horse like Global Business Tycoon Ajay Harinath Singh, coming from Lava Dynasty (Lord Rama’s Son) and known as the Prince of Sultanpur would throw a challenge to Yogi who also belongs to the Rajput clan. Ajay Harinath Singh did not aspire to be the head of the Government of India, as he is spearheading Darwin Platform Group of Companies (DPGC)- a global business conglomerate from India as Chairman with over USD 6.4 billion assets based net worth. However, his passion for nation-building through wealth creation has caught the imagination of the Indian people and several political parties.

    Ajay Harinath Singh has been approached by top leaders of Bhartiya Janta Party with offers to hold key position. He has been very generous and courteous in dealing with top leaders of the country. Given his charismatic appeal he might emerge as a very strong contender for the top post by 2029. Moreover, his philanthropy and efforts to provide nearly 40 lakh employment to people in his 25 Associate companies of DPGC in the next few years have made him very popular among youth.

    By 2029, Ajay Harinath Singh will be below the age group of 50 and he is expected to emerge as the frontrunner for the top post. His strengths in social and business domains would provide an edge to his vision for the country and would play a catalyzing role in the race. Rising popularity, not only in his home state but across India, and a sense of direction make him a charismatic leader.

    Experts are of the view that there will several young leaders such as JyotiradiyaSindhia, Sachin Pilot, Tejasvi Surya, Tejashawi Yadav, Aditya Thackrey, Kanhaiya Singh among others coming from several political parties. If Rahul Gandhi takes a back seat, Congress may opt for Sachin Pilot, a person with current experience in both fighting and winning elections, as well as in administration.Outside Uttar Pradesh, the most promising prime ministerial candidate may emerge from Karnataka. Tejasvi Surya is the BJP candidate who contested and won from the Bangalore South constituency. At 28, he was the youngest candidate to have won the Lok Sabha Polls.

    It is also fact that the future ‘Marg Darshaks’ would like to have a final say in governance and if that happens, according to political analysts, from Corporate domain Amit Shah’s son Jay Shah and Mukesh Ambani’s son Akash Ambani may also emerge as frontrunner in the race. However, political pundits strongly believe that Uttar Pradesh would hold the key for New Delhi. Charisma, coupled with adequate human and financial resources, would determine who overtakes whom!

    In Uttar Pradesh, of the total population Brahmins (9 Per cent), Rajputs (4 per cent), Vaishya (4 per cent) and other upper castes account for nearly 20 per cent. Muslims and Dalits constitute the same 20 per cent and OBCs nearly 40 per cent. Hence, the frontrunner would emerge only based on efficient administrative skill, popularity, and passion for nation-building. Others will have to navigate very rough waters.

    The future of the Indian Republic rests on the shoulders of young leaders. Fresh, energetic, they are expected to provide the much-needed energy to the Indian political scenario. At national level, the 16th Lok Sabha has 47 of them. In 2024, the 17th Lok Sabha may see the number increasing to 100. By 2029, it is can safely be assumed that the Indian electorate, constituting huge young voters, would be much more mature and make a well-thought decision to choose a young leader for the top post.

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