Chai ka asli swaad &TV ke Mirza ke saath!

Mirza Chai

Zafar Ali Mirza (Pawan Singh) of &TV’s ‘Aur Bhai Kya Chal Raha Hai?’ ki chai ki dukaan – Lucknow Tea House hai mashoor poore shehar mein! Chai is like a perfect buddy to any dish. It is an adjustable partner, a lot like how Mirza is to Sakina (Akansha Sharma). Chai is your dependable beverage that will never go wrong. The sweeter it is, the better it gets. Have you ever seen a person complaining about chai? I bet not! Pawan Singh, aka Zafar Ali Mirza, shares, “To completely immerse in my role of a chai shop owner, I closely observed chai stalls that were always buzzing with crowds of people gossiping about politics, cricket and more. Owning a chai stall is not just a business as it also allows you to see and interact with different types of people. It is quite mazedaar! And I am trying to ace this role to perfection. It is all a big charade, from greeting the customers to making the piping hot tea and offering snacks to go with it. I love the hustle-bustle around, making the stall so lively. People feel at home with a cup of tea in their hand. Indians love their chai, masala ho ya phir green tea bus garam chai ki chuski lo aur mohalle mein kya ho raha hai, uske baare mein jaano! I, too enjoy my tea with adrak, elaichi and saunf.” Sharing his perfect chai mantra, Pawan shares, “It is a recipe I honed after seeing the three most important women in life – My mother, mother-in-law and wife, make in their kitchens. Though they take barely 10 minutes to prepare the perfect cup of chai, I take my own sweet time to relish every sip of it. I learnt how to shred the ginger instead of beating it to add to the spicy aroma, add just two pods of cardamom for a perfect blend and fennel seeds that makes the tea naturally sweet. On days where anyone is feeling gloomy, this is my go-to recipe for energising them. Occasionally I decide to add bits of cinnamon, cloves and Tulsi for its health properties. Just like how everyone has a unique personality, everyone has their chai type.”

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