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TAS Pune Conducts Inspirational Session Ahead of New Academic Year

Ahead of the start of the academic year, The Academy School (TAS), Pune, conducted a motivational and inspirational session by the renowned speaker and educator Shirish Sebastian. The session was a means to harbour inspiration and prepare the teachers for the new year.


TAS hosted Shirish Sebastian to address the school teachers and impart his thoughts and wisdom in the education sector. “The session was not only motivational but also highly interactive, featuring a variety of activities aimed at enhancing team spirit and leadership skills among the teachers. These exercises were thoughtfully designed to promote collaboration, strategic thinking, and effective communication within the team,” said Dr. Maithili Tambe, CEO of the school.

Teachers of the school said Sebastian introduced year-long activities that educators can incorporate into their routines, promoting continuous personal and professional growth. “The session was incredibly motivational and practical. Sebastian’s ability to connect with us through real-life examples made his messages truly impactful,” shared one of the teachers.

TAS will look forward to incorporating the lessons learned from the session and positively changing the school environment. It will also hold true to the school’s motto of development and excellence in education through fun learning.

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