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LANEIGE Launches New Water Bank ‘Barrier-Boosting’ Moisturizers

LANEIGE, a functional beauty brand, proudly presents its newly revamped Water Bank Moisturizer trio through the ‘2024 Water Bank Global Campaign.’

Laneige x Sara Tendulkar

Centered around the theme of ‘Water Bank Barrier-boosting Hydration for All‘, the global campaign will introduce custom creams, each with key barrier-boosting ingredients tailored to individual skin types and concerns.

In collaboration with five global models, the campaign aims to propose the Water Bank Moisturizers suitable for all skin types, irrespective of ethnicity, gender, or age. This initiative is part of LANEIGE’s strategy to bolster its leadership in the global hydrating cream category.

The newly introduced Water Bank Moisturizers promise intensive hydration tailored to all skin types and concerns, enhancing skin barrier condition with upgraded ingredients. The Water Bank Gel Moisturizer, containing betaine and mint leaf extract, soothes the skin barrier while balancing the skin’s oil-moisture levels. The Water Bank Cream Moisturizer, with its Pepta Panthenol Complex, fortifies the skin’s moisture barrier, fostering a radiant and resilient complexion. Finally, the Water Bank Intensive Moisturizer’s Omega Peptide component forms a protective moisture layer, mitigating temporary redness caused by external irritants. Customers can choose based on their unique skin concerns and types.

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