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HearClear comes up with a new clinic in Mumbai, extending advanced hearing solutions in the region

New Delhi, 17th June, 2024: HearClear, a startup providing advanced hearing care solutions, launched a new clinic in Mumbai at Hiranandani Estate. The launch of the clinic is a testament to the brand’s endeavour of improving the accessibility of advanced hearing care solutions across the country.

In India with a population of 1.3 billion, approximately 7% suffer from hearing loss issues. Despite the significant number, less than 0.5% have taken steps to address the hearing impairment issue. Even among those who have addressed the hearing loss issue, it is only 10% that wear two hearing aids.

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Looking at the gap in the accessibility of hearing solutions, HearClear works towards alleviating hearing impairment in old age people. In this pursuit, it aims to expand its reach to the target audience by penetrating deeper into the country. Moreover, it has been seen that the middle class pays attention to hearing issues and is ready to address the problem earlier in life. They have shown a willingness to adopt advanced, innovative technological solutions, and the launch of the clinic in Mumbai was a strategic move to tap the large elderly audience residing in the place.

To achieve the purpose, the brand fosters a vast network of retail distribution to create presence in close vicinity of consumers, enabling them to easily avail the benefits of hearing care solutions. Along the similar lines, to make strong inroads, the brand has also partnered with leading Healthcare companies & Resident Associations to run camps and increase awareness among the people.

As part of the plan, the brand aspires to create awareness around deterioration in hearing ability beyond a certain age. Highlighting the importance of hearing care among ageing people, the clinic will be offering holistic consulting services to the consumers under the guidance of an expert audiologist. Opening the gateway for regular hearing tests and checkups, the brand provides comprehensive services for reprogramming and finetuning of devices at the facility. At the same time, for the convenience of those suffering from hearing impairment, the clinic is well-supported to provide services at home.

Speaking on the occasion, Vineet Narang, the Founder & Managing Director of HearClear India said, “The launch of the new clinic in Mumbai fortifies our mission to penetrate deeper into the country. At HearClear, we continuously work towards bringing advanced hearing care solutions to the elderly people and to achieve the purpose, we are on a mission to come up with more and more clinics in the neighbourhood of the target audience.”

Following the launch of the new clinic, the brand has plans to establish a strong foothold in the market by coming up with 12 more clinics in Mumbai in next 6-9 months.

HearClear specialises in the treatment of auditory impairment while focusing on comprehensive rehabilitation services comprising hearing aid trials, dispensing, speech therapy, and Vestibular rehabilitation. It is proficient at conducting advanced audiological diagnosis entailing PTA, Impedance, OAE, BERA, VNG along with hearing test at home.

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