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Creativity and Connectivity: WIN’s Journey during Cannes Lions 2024

Cannes, France – June, 2024 – Women Inspiring Network (WIN) made a significant impact during this year’s Cannes Lions International Festival of Creativity, solidifying its position as a leader in connecting women and promoting diversity within the global creative industry.

Creativity & India's Equality Moonshot

WIN immersed itself in the dynamic atmosphere of Cannes Lions, renowned for celebrating creativity, providing inspiration, and setting the stage for industry trends in the year ahead. The festival’s expansive content, including main stage presentations and fringe events, alongside vibrant beach activations and exclusive parties, offered unparalleled opportunities for networking.

Stuti Jalan, Founder of Women Inspiring Network curated a session on “Creativity & Equality Moonshot,” for the World Woman foundation, emphasizing the organization’s commitment to fostering meaningful dialogues on gender equality and innovation. The session resonated with attendees, underscoring WIN’s role in championing diversity and inclusion. The distinguished panellists of the session were Anupama Ramaswamy, Chief Creative Officer, Havas Worldwide India, Neeta Nair, Media personality, Meera Sharath Chandra, CEO & CCO, Tigress Tigress, Sonal Chhajerh, National Creative Director, Leo Burnett, India.

Curating & moderating the ‘Creativity & India’s Equality Moonshot‘ session for the World Woman Foundation in Cannes highlighted the importance of gender equity in the creative industry. This year’s festival, with its focus on women’s sports and gender equity, reflected a powerful shift. Participating in diverse events such as the Pickleball tournament at Stagwell sports beach, the Pinterest Manifestival, and engaging in insightful discussions with leaders like Maria Ressa, has deepened my conviction in our collective potential for an #equalfuture. ” said Stuti Jalan, Founder of Women Inspiring Network Reflecting on key takeaways from Cannes Lions 2024, WIN observed the prominence of sports beach, with symbolic passing of the Olympic Torch through Croisette.

Sports and women leadership took the spotlight at this year’s Cannes Lions, dominating both the Croisette and cultural conversations. The enthusiasm was palpable, with events like the Pickleball tournament at Stagwell Sport Beach hosted by Snap Inc. drawing spirited participation from Stuti Jalan along with other industry leaders and enthusiasts alike, reflecting the growing influence of sports in shaping global narratives and fostering inclusivity. Stuti’s team, #WIN, enjoyed the energetic atmosphere and had the pleasure of meeting Thomas Kemeny from Austin, further enhancing the experience.

Throughout the festival, Stuti Jalan participated in a variety of events, including insightful discussions at the Equality Lounge and engaging with influential figures at the Empower Café. These engagements showcased WIN’s dedication to empowering women and promoting their leadership in creative industries. WIN formed significant connections with influential thought leaders, Nobel Peace Prize laureates, and top innovators, including Julia Linehan from Digital Voice.

Looking ahead, WIN remains committed to advancing its mission of inspiring women and promoting diversity in creative industries globally. The organization is poised to build on the momentum gained during Cannes Lions 2024, fostering collaborations and initiatives
that drive positive change.

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