A ‘Stress Busting Dance Workshop’ on World Mental Health Day for students resuming school



New Delhi – On the occasion of World Mental Health Day observed worldwide on 10th October, UCANJI India’s leading skill learning platform conducted a “Stress Busting Dance Workshop” for students at school following all COVID Safety protocols, for students to feel welcomed, relieved, and refreshed coming back to school again.

The ‘Stress Busting Dance Workshop by UCANJI’ which was participated by over 40-50 students, started with trending musical beats making students stepping out of their comfort zone and stepping up to participate. In a matter of few minutes, the workshop saw students dancing full throttle to the beats and enjoying the dance steps taught by professional choreographers from UCANJI and mastering unique trending steps, concluding with a session on understanding how expressing emotions from dance helps relieve stress and anxiety and build more confidence. Students definitely didn’t want the workshop to end, as almost after 2 years they all got an opportunity to have fun dance together and express themselves freely.

Schools re-opened the doors for physical classes from 4th October 2021; the students throughout the country have been fighting a silent battle with the pandemic behind closed doors for over 2 years and facing acute mental trauma and stress of being stuck at home and the fear of contracting the disease or losing a loved one, the workshop rejoiced by students was a much-needed session.

On conducting this workshop Ms. Divanshi Gupta, Founder UCANJI added “UCANJI planned this workshop to address the issues students silently suffer and feel a void in voicing out their opinion and expressing their emotions, observing the World Mental Health Day and spreading awareness of mental wellbeing. Dancing is the core of mental well being it helps to improve mental and emotional health by reducing stress, decreasing the symptoms of anxiety and depression, and boosting self-esteem As Pandemic has affected everyone’s lives, and taken a bigger toll on students’ lives, more mentally. We are thankful to the respected principal of Bal Bhawan International for giving great importance to students’ mental wellbeing and giving us their distinct platform to conduct this activity.”

Professional Dancers from UCANJI conducted this lively stress-busting workshop, following COVID safety protocols the students at the workshop were placed 6 feet apart.

Ms Jaspreet Kaur, Vice Principal, Bal Bhawan International School also added “At our school mental wellbeing of our students is our utmost priority, we strongly resonated with UCANJI’s great initiative and felt students also needed a session to get a platform to express themselves freely. We are very thankful to Ucanji for organizing this wonderful session at our school. All participating students enjoyed dance moves taught by UCANJI team thoroughly. We have resumed activities and workshops in schools as we wanted our students to feel motivated towards learning as at our school we like to maintain a fine balance of academics and skill development.”

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