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Monsoon Ailments, Care and Precautions- Dr J Anish Anand, Apollo Hospitals, Jubilee Hills

Dr J Anish Anand, Internal Medicine, Apollo Hospitals, Jubilee Hills


Monsoon brings in rain and decreased temperatures. This brings in new set of health issues. Due to water clogging it forms a good breeding ground for mosquitoes. Thus we see more cases of Dengue, Chikungunya and Malaria.

Lot of patients come with high fevers back pain, joint pains and low platelets.

Due to adulterated water as rain water gets mixed with mud and then with drinking water we get Diarrhoea and vomiting. Unhygienic condition prevails. Thus patients presenting with dysentery and food poisoning is common.

Next due to reduced temperature it forms a good breeding ground for cold viruses. Lot of flu, pneumonia and influenza cases come.

Also more humidity can trigger asthma and bronchitis in patients having previous allergies and lung issues. Sudden breathing problems and asthmatic attacks occur.

Due to reduced exercise and temperatures cardiac ailments can be more common. Also stiff joints and arthritis issues can occur. Falls can occur resulting in injuries and fractures due to slippery ground.

Then what we need to do prevent such issues are very simple but effective.

First avoid water pooling in and around our house, using mosquito nets and repellents can prevent lot of Dengue, Chikungunya and Malaria issues. Also community spraying of anti mosquito sprays by municipal Centers should be carried out.

Next following good hygiene, avoiding getting wet in rain, washing our hands and getting flu vaccination especially in elderly can reduce frequent flu and cold.

Drinking clean water and warm food is another important aspect to prevent diarrhoea. Drinking filtered water is better. Washing hands frequently also helps.

Those prone for asthma and breathing issues should be extra careful and if necessary should take prophylactic inhalers.

Elderly should regularly exercise and if necessary get health check up done and visit cardiologist. Regular physiotherapy exercises for stiff and painful joints can be done. Elderly especially should be extra careful in wet grounds to avoid falls and injuries.

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