Meddo to launch FREE Covid Care Facilities with 150 beds in Gurugram, equiped with medical staff and oxygen supply

Delhi-NCR, 11th May 2021- One of India’s leading network clinic brands Meddo, has collaborated with Meddo foundation, Treebo, and Swiggy, to launch FREE Covid Care Facilities in Gurgaon. Being categorized as an L1 facility, these centers would cater to people in the early stage of the infection. The intent is to reduce the burden on hospitals by providing care to non-critical patients. These centers will offer beds free of cost to COVID-19 patients and will only charge overheads like medical consumables and diagnostics.

Saurabh, Former Foodpanda CEO, and Dr. Naveen Nishchal, Co-founder of Cygnus Hospitals,

Owing to growing COVID-19 cases, hospitals are extremely overburdened and there is a shortage of trained manpower, medical staff, medicines and consumables, oxygen, etc. With this initiative, the aim is to provide necessary care early and prevent further deterioration of a patient’s condition so as to curtail the need for ICUs and hospital care.

The government has classified different health centers under L1, L2, and L3 levels, with L1 catering to non-critical patients, while L2 and L3 will deal with more complicated and critical COVID-19 cases. Meddo will be setting up these L1 Covid care centers with up to 150 beds. Currently, 25 rooms with a capacity to accommodate 40 to 50 patients are operational at the Treebo hotel. These facilities will be equipped with doctors, nurses, and oxygen concentrators to make sure that the need for hospitalization comes down.

Speaking about the initiative, Mr. Saurabh Kochhar, Founder & CEO, Meddo said, “Our facilities will ensure early-stage assistance and limit the need for hospital admission and ICU beds. Meddo’s existing partner doctors will be visiting the facilities and take care of the patients in addition to the well-trained nursing staff that would be available at the facility 24 x 7. As the aim of this initiative is to support the hospital infrastructure, the care facilities will be available for free to patients right now; the operations will be funded by Meddo Foundation.”

As a gesture of support and gratitude towards the front-line warriors, Meddo will ensure that their safety and wellbeing are given paramount importance. Meddo will take care of the food and accommodation requirements of their medical staff at these facilities and has extended medical insurance cover for them.

Meddo was launched in 2018 by Saurabh, Former Foodpanda CEO, and Dr. Naveen Nishchal, Co-founder of Cygnus Hospitals, with an aim to organize the ambulatory services sector in India. Earlier this month, Meddo Health collaborated with Haryana Government – District Administration Gurugram to launch a WhatsApp Chatbot for Covid relief to the residents of Gurgaon. As part of this initiative, Meddo Health is offering teleconsultations and RT-PCR testing in the district.

About Meddo:

The basic premise of Meddo is fundamentally transforming and organizing how healthcare is provided in our country; starting with out-patient care. They have partnered with clinics to upgrade them into full-service health centers by providing one-stop care to all the patients and digitally enabling the entire healthcare ecosystem using in-house technology and systems.

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