Groundbreaking New Platform Allows Patients to Receive Second Opinion on Radiological Scans After Easy Uploads

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Photo by MART PRODUCTION: is globally accessible, ensuring that geography is no barrier to exceptional radiological counsel
BERN, Switzerland – November 15, 2023 – Imagine having access to a second radiology medical opinion within 24 hours – no matter where you live in the world. That is exactly what the innovative Swiss platform offers, which is launching next week. will revolutionize how patients receive second opinions on their radiological scans while fostering a more transparent, reliable and convenient healthcare experience. will enable patients to easily upload their radiological files securely within seconds. After the upload, they receive comprehensive second opinions from the platform’s network of esteemed, fellowship-trained senior radiologists, enhancing patients’ confidence in the diagnosis they have received. was founded by Dr. Ali Rahman, a senior consultant, specialist, radiologist and neuroradiologist, and a team of dedicated senior professional radiologists committed to enhancing patient experiences and outcomes in radiology. The Swiss-based platform bridges the gap between patients and top-tier radiological experts, ensuring that individuals receive the most accurate and thorough evaluations of their medical images. is easy to navigate, making it globally accessible and ensuring that geography is no barrier to receiving exceptional radiological counsel. This type of second opinion can contribute to patients feeling more in control of their healthcare by providing them with necessary information and enabling them to make informed decisions.
In addition, ensures that diagnostic errors, which can result in significant costs, are avoided. The service aims to provide both patients and doctors with confidence in the accuracy of the diagnosis and the subsequent treatment.
The platform offers quick feedback, within 24 hours after a document is uploaded, data protection and understandable reporting in multiple languages, and was developed according to Swiss quality and precision standards.
Dr. Rahman and his team have initiated a Pro Bono Second Opinions initiative. This initiative offers affordable second opinions on radiological examinations to individuals worldwide who may be unemployed, disabled, a single parent or have limited access to healthcare. Pro Bono Second Opinions are medical consultations provided by doctors either for free or at a reduced cost.
A spokesperson said, “Our story is one of innovation, empathy and empowerment, as we strive to recalibrate the scales in favor of patients navigating the complexities of radiological diagnoses.”
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Our mission is to empower patients with insightful second opinions that bolster their diagnostic journeys. We identified a need for a trustworthy, user-friendly platform that demystifies the radiological evaluation process, enhancing patient understanding and confidence in their healthcare decisions.

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