‘Desh Ka Doctor’ to enable ASHA’s to create ABHA

The health-tech start-up ‘Desh Ka Doctor’ issued over 1.5 Lakh ABHA ID’s in 5 Months; launches a Pilot in Ghaziabad to train ASHA workers in issuing ABHA Cards at the doorstep of beneficiaries.

New Delhi, September 21, 2022
Within a short span of five months, Health-Tech start-up ‘Desh Ka Doctor’ successfully issued over 1.5 Lakh ABHA Health IDs to the people. In April 2022, the National Health Authority (NHA), Union Ministry of Health and Family Welfare, authorised ‘Desh Ka Doctor’ to create ABHA – Ayushman Bharat Health Account (Health ID) for the citizens of India. The robust performance of the health-tech start-up, prompted the authorities to allow them to undertake a Pilot project in Ghaziabad district in Uttar Pradesh to engage Accredited Social Health Activist (ASHA) workers in issuing ABHA Health Cards at the doorstep. The ABHA ID’s will be issued free of cost for everyone via Aadhar KYC on mobile application in just 30 seconds each. App Link: http://bit.ly/3bqiW5P.The Pilot project kicks off on 5th September’2022.

Mr Anurag Pandey, CEO, ‘Desh Ka Doctor.’
Mr Anurag Pandey, CEO, ‘Desh Ka Doctor.’

‘Desh Ka Doctor’ provides a 360-degree digital healthcare service for people. It has integrated the Allopathy, Ayurveda, and Homeopathy school of medicines. It provides comprehensive care management services ranging from doctor’s online consultancy to diagnostic to hospitalisation. Moreover, it offers services after discharge and ensures medicine delivery at home. Integration of different schools of medicines in its tech-driven solution and scaling up the ABHA Health Card Project of the government make ‘Desh Ka Doctor’ unique and the most innovative health-tech service provider. The health-tech company has come up with several innovative healthcare management solutions through its App.

“The NHA has authorised us to create ABHA Health IDs. Within five months of the mandate we crossed the 1.5 lakh mark and the number is growing every day. To scale and speed up the process, we have, with permission from the concerned authorities, undertaken a Pilot Project in Ghaziabad to train ASHA workers in issuing the ABHA ID’. As ASHA engages with the community closely, raising awareness about the benefits of ABHA will become easier. ASHA’s will play catalyst role in bringing the marginal section of the society under the umbrella of Digital Healthcare Network. We will equip ASHA workers with all technical know-how for the card making and they will issue and deliver it at the doorstep of the people,” said Mr Anurag Pandey, CEO, ‘Desh Ka Doctor.’

“ABHA is the first step towards building ‘Digital Healthcare Highway’ and ‘Universal Healthcare Interface’ which will revolutionise India’s healthcare delivery forever. Success of the pilot will ensure scaling up the project across the country,” added Mr Pandey.
‘Desh Ka Doctor’ expands the ABHA’s benefits which include a unique and trustable identity across healthcare providers, access to insurance schemes, hassle-free access to care, avoiding long waiting at hospitals, and health data sharing. It also creates awareness of the Ayushman Bharat Scheme’s benefits for free Treatment and Insurance. Users get benefited from a complete Digital Health Record on the mobile application.

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