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#CareComesHome Campaign Creates Awareness of Tracking SpO2 Level with Ease at Home


New Delhi, May 21, 2021: As India fights against the second wave of COVID-19, experts suggest that blood oxygen levels should be continuously monitored, but a patient should be hospitalised only if his or her situation is critical.
A pulse oximeter is a device that measures blood oxygen levels non-invasively. Not many people have a pulse oximeter at home, and while having things delivered during a lockdown can be challenging, your health can’t take a back seat. To ease monitoring oxygen levels, MFine, India’s top-rated healthcare app, has introduced an app-based SpO2 tracker.

The MFine SpO2 tracker tool gives the same results with medical-grade accuracy by simply using your smartphone’s camera. This brings healthcare literally to your fingertips. Beyond Covid-19, regular monitoring of SpO2 levels is also recommended for those suffering from Anemia, Asthma, COPD, and other respiratory illnesses.

To generate awareness about this AI-powered feature that MFine launched recently, it has rolled out an influencer campaign #CareComesHome with Do Your Thng, a branded content marketplace.

The campaign roped in influencers from all segments and any profession, irrespective of their number of followers. Using the power of video content, the campaign talks about keeping the MFine app handy for monitoring SpO2 levels regularly, staying home and consulting with doctors online if any health need arises. They also share their own life experiences where healthcare services from MFine can be helpful to other users as well, such as ordering lab tests at home, medicine delivery, X-rays and scans.

Highlighting the concept of the campaign, Ankit Agarwal, Founder, Do Your Thng said, “The campaign is meant for the masses, and the best way to reach the masses is to be one of them. So, we incorporated the idea of using a crowd of influencers known for their impactful content to spread the message and do so in order of magnitude.”

He further added that “This campaign which highlights the usage of MFine’s app-based pulse oximeter, could be of use to anybody sitting at any place. The intention is to keep track of the oxygen levels, being inside your homes and not stepping out of your houses and facing the havoc of COVID.”

According to Jyoti Sinha, Angel Mummy 91, Influencer, “This second wave of COVID-19 is tricky, and it is our responsibility to be aware and take extra precautions. If you or members of your family have breathing difficulties or have an active covid infection, you should

regularly monitor your oxygen saturation levels. And now you can do so by just using your smartphone on the #MFine app! This is a very useful tool to have this time.”

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