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Banker Turned Yogi, Namita Piparaiya Launches Yoganama Tv Assembling A Virtual Yet Mindful Yoga Practice At Home

Ms. Namita Piparaiya

Ms. Namita Piparaiya

MUMBAI, India, July’2021 – After successfully pioneering with Yoganama, a platform that brings together mindful living, yoga, Ayurveda, and philosophy, under a single roof, former banker-turned-Yoga and Ayurveda Lifestyle Specialist, Namita Piparaiya has launched Yoganama TV.

An online collection of carefully curated videos on Yoga, Pranayama, and Meditation, Yoganama TV is meant to help practitioners build a sound home yoga practice.

Piparaiya, who used to actively exercise and practice via videos and CDs when she had a fulltime corporate job, conceptualised Yoganama TV to help people build a home practice. Yoganama TV provides tools and resources that will help people manage their physical and mental health and stress, made all the more important by the pandemic, in the right way.

Focused on building strong foundations of yoga, Yoganama TV has been launched at a time when acceptance of online Yoga programs has grown and people are open to self-practice of yoga online as the pandemic brought in social distancing and other appropriate behaviour to be followed.

YOGANAMA TV addresses the many gaps that exist between what students practice versus what they need. For instance, practices are largely focused on Asanas and physical postures and so a key benefit of yoga which is stress management gets missed out.

Piparaiya has structured content specific to building Strong Foundations of Yoga, Stress Management and Mental Health, Variability, and Flexibility, while it incorporates Ayurvedic principles in its teachings. Users also get complete control to pick practice classes on Hatha, Vinyasa, and Restorative Yoga as per their mood, environment, and energy levels.

Tapping into all aspects of Yoga for overall good health, Yoganama TV offers free and specially curated content starting for as low as Rs. 667 per month. It not only helps users practice asanas, but also provides mindfulness techniques that help integrate body, breath, and mind.

“Yoganama TV is making sure that users get the most out of their Yoga practice. Looking around, I noticed there are several offerings in the market but equally they had gaps that needed to be filled. Because Yoga is not just a fitness practice , its true strength is harnessed when we use yoga as a mindfulness practice. Yoganama TV’s USP is that we offer a wholesome yoga practice that works on both the body and mind. There’s equal focus on Asanas, Pranayama, and Meditation. Because that is what brings about long term and sustainable change in our health and lifestyle. ” says Namita Piparaiya.

YOGANAMA TV is available on all internet-enabled devices including smart TVs, computers, and mobiles with content in English and Hindi currently. Plans are to introduce more regional as well as international languages, along with an exclusive Yoganama App in 2022.

About Namita Piparaiya

A ‘Banker-turned-Yogi,’ Namita Piparaiya is a Yoga and Ayurveda Lifestyle Specialist and the founder of YOGANAMA. A former corporate executive, she spent over a decade, from management trainee to business head, with leading MNCs including Citibank, Aviva, and Generali before finding her true calling in Yoga. As part of her wellness journey, she has completed over 700 hours of Yoga Alliance certified training in Hatha Yoga. She has also studied Pranayama, Ayurveda, Yoga Philosophy, and Indian scriptures from some of the most reputed institutions and teachers in India and abroad. Her approach is, therefore, holistic and unique, bringing together all her experiences to build a strong connection between the body, breath, mind, and one’s inherent constitution and nature.

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