Visionary Bangladeshi filmmaker Mashroor Parvez to launch his second directorial feature ‘going Home’ in London

Kolkata, 15th September 2022: Mashroor Parvez’s second directorial venture ‘going Home’ is about to release in the UK cinemas on 30th September 2022. A special screening shall be held for invited guests at the Close-Up Cinema, Shoreditch E1 6HR, followed by a celebration party at the prestigious London Tea Exchange.

‘going Home’ is an existential mystery box that evokes such cinematic spices as Ingmar Bergman, David Lynch and Guy Ritchie to create a new masala to delight audiences with a thirst for stimulating new entertainment. Although violence and its consequences form the backdrop for ‘going Home’, it is not without laugh-out-loud moments.

going Home

The only son of actor-director-producer- Sohel Rana, Mashroor Parvez emerged as one of Bangladesh’s most exciting new filmmaking talents after his acclaimed first feature film ‘Raian’ was screened at the Bombay Theatre in New York City on the 9th of December 2017.

The lead character of ‘going Home’, is wrestling with the consequences of the life he has led as a hitman, between the underworld and the government, and the toll it has taken on his soul. Self-medication through alcohol is having no effect and in his dreams, he sees the family he has lost. Locked on a course of destruction.

The main cast of ‘going Home’ includes Mashroor Parvez, Fahim Farouque, Nusrat Jahan Jerry, Mahbubul Islam Shanko Panja, Kobi Guru Ovi & Sohel Rana. Edited by Fahad Hassan, Cinematography by Zahid Hossain and the music has been composed by Zahid Bashar Pankaj & Arko Sumon. Kaustav Sen Barat from Kolkata did the sound design. After the UK release is complete, ‘going Home’ will itself go home to Bangladesh before finishing its theatrical run in North America.

Speaking about the theatrical release in London first, Parvez said, “I’ve lost loved ones during the production of this film. Including my colleague and friend Zahid Hossain, who was the Director of Photography for both my feature films. I wish they were here to see how far we’ve come as Bangladeshi filmmakers, with the world premiere of the movie happening in the UK. And for that reason alone this film deserves to be witnessed by the diaspora community.”

He continues, “As for the film itself, I don’t believe in the idea of art for art’s sake. I am deeply invested in the belief that good art should make us less moralistic and judgmental, and should be a supplement to faith in terms of developing our reserves of kindness towards humankind.”

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