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Bite-sized entertainment for you to watch on WATCHO this weekend

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We love to watch our favorite influencers/stars. These talented content creators never fail to blow us away with everything new they keep working on. And with OTT taking precedence, these celebrities have also ventured into the streaming platforms showcasing what we love about them. If you are looking to watch something new and can’t get over your love for your favorites, check out these influencers and their parts on Watcho Spotlight.

List of top five Watcho Spotlight series that are well worth a watch

Look I Can Cook with Shipra Khanna

Look I Can Cook is the best cooking show for you if you happen to be a cooking enthusiast. Featuring Masterchef Shipra Khanna in a 15 episodes series, she shares her quick and fun recipes with the viewers in an exciting way. The recipes featured are Indian delicacies ranging from various cuisines giving a twist with her cooking style by combining Indian ingredients with western flavours. There are different recipes that you can learn within minutes to impress your loved ones.

Macho OnWatcho – Ashutosh Kaushik

Ashutosh Kaushik brings you some hilarious public reactions and pranks in this comedy show. If you love spontaneous reactions, then this show just has to be there on your list. Have the time of your life watching this excellent show and you’ll die laughing.

StyleO with Shruti Anand- &Anaysa

Once a hobby, Shruti Anand turned the make-up and beauty game around by turning it into her passion and profession with her web show Shruti’s Style O’. Her web show on beauty and fashion tips is a huge hit with tier 1 and tier 2 city girls. Watching her and following her would make sure you’re always up and soaring in your beauty game with some amazing fashion and beauty tips.

Astrobites with Rajshree Thakkar

Get to know how your day will be with Rajshree Thakkar – a renowned astrologer and horoscope expert. From business goals and strategies to your personal growth and health questions, here you will know what to expect along with numerology insights for each sun sign.

The LOL show with Funk You

Get your daily dose of laughter with our curated series hosted by YouTube stars – Funk you. Playing pranks was never easy but watching them is. Watch how annoying uncles in the building are, sketches of different types of people in a party to pranks being played on people on the road. Exclusive series of laughter curated just for you.

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