Indradhanush 2021: A one of its kind virtual pride celebration.


Mumbai : LivePixel Events International hosted a thought provoking yet cheerful virtual pride celebration- Indradhanush on 27th June 2021 to maintain the spirit of PRIDE despite the current ongoing pandemic. The event included everything from thoughtful conversations to creative and engaging talent showcases.
The event was aimed at ensuring that the LGBTQIA+ Community and its allies feel connected and supported during these times. People from all walks of life attended and contributed to the event, helping it succeed in its goal of bringing people together for the cause of equality. Taking things virtual becomes imperative during this pandemic, and the technology partner of the event, LivePixel Technologies made sure that the virtual event was carried out in a seamless manner, just as thrilling and exciting as a physical celebration would be.
The panel discussion on LGBTQ+ inclusion at the workplace delved into many important issues that are pertinent to the community and raised awareness about the importance of an inclusive workplace environment for all. The panel included Author And Equal Rights Activist Harish Iyer, RJ Mandee, and Kabir from RedFm hosting India’s only LGBTQIA radio show and podcast called Rainbow Diaries, Gender and Sexuality Researcher Tejaswi Subramanian, Queer Activist Himani Bajaj, Diversity and Inclusion aggregator Gaurav Vaishnav, Mr Gay India 2019 and Inclusion advocate in corporates Suresh Ramdas.
The Revive and Rejoice segment featured an array of engaging performances by artists like Dancer and Movement Therapist Simran Patgaonkar, Singer and Songwriter Divya Venugopal, Karn Vyas of WhyDo the band, Ramya Ramesh – Miss Mega Model 2020, Sneha Singh and Aswini Ravichandran and many more who enthralled the audience with their mesmerising acts.
LGBT+ community flag bearers Winnie Chopra, Yash Sharma, Sumit Pawar and YouTuber Prarthana initiated positive train of thoughts among the audience in the direction of acceptance and inclusivity. This segment was a way for LGBTQ+ members and its allies to engage in creative self-expression and receive support and encouragement for their art.
Mr. Ssamridh S Aggarwal, the COO of LivePixel Events International said that “We are stuck in a pandemic that has become increasingly isolating, and this celebration of pride was our way of making sure that the LGBTQ+ community has a way of celebrating pride and feeling connected, no matter the circumstances.”
Mr. Rajeev Dwivedi, the CEO of LivePixel Technologies added that “We believe in bringing people together through technology. Indradhanush was a wonderful way of making the celebration of pride accessible to all members of the LGBTQ+ communities and its allies.”

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