Teach For India & Harvard Law School Association Women’s Alliance (India Chapter) host a panel on how safe the schools will be for our children

Mumbai, July 24, 2021 – Schools have been closed for 16 months and counting to keep children safe. However, the 4th serosurvey from ICMR has stated that 67% of all Indians above the age of 6 have antibodies. Following this, state governments across the nation have announced their dates for the reopening of schools, while some are already in the process, owing to the falling number of COVID cases and the low levels of positivity rate. Teach For India, in association with The Akanksha Foundation, Increasing Diversity by Increasing Access to Legal Education (IDIA), Harvard Law School Association Women’s Alliance (India Chapter) and Indus Action, is organizing a panel discussion that brings together a leading epidemiologist and a pediatrician to answer all questions on the safety of children with school reopening, on the 26 July 2021, 6 pm onwards.

The panel will feature Dr. Chandrakant Lahariya, Epidemiologist, public policy and health systems expert, and lead co-author of ‘Till We Win: India’s Fight Against the COVID-19 Pandemic’ speaking about the reopening of schools and COVID risk for children involved in the process. The panel also features Dr. Prabhat Maheshwari, Chief – Neonatal & Pediatric Critical Care, Artemis Hospital, Gurugram. The event would be moderated by Rupesh Kumar Chaurasia, Grade 11, Student and Shaheen Mistri, Founder & CEO, Teach For India. The event has been conceptualized by Dharini Mathur and Tanya Aggarwal, two mothers and lawyers from Delhi-NCR.

Date & Time: 26 July 2021, 6pm IST

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