Teach For India announces, ‘Kids Education Revolution’ Week 2021 from 6th – 9th July

Teach For India announces, ‘Kids Education Revolution’ Week 2021 from 6th - 9th July

New Delhi, July 5, 2021: Teach For India will host its Kids Education Revolution Week (KER) virtually this year from 6th to 9th July, 2021 – the annual event that brings student voice to the forefront of decision making.

In these extraordinary times, KER Week 2021 will bring together exemplary educators and students from around the globe who have had a profound impact on thousands. The pandemic has made it necessary for schools to reimagine and adapt to the changing circumstances. The event will host close to 40 sessions that will reinvigorate discourse within the education space and provide a robust platform for strengthening social leadership within young students.

“For me, a leader isn’t someone who raises their voice for those who cannot. But a leader is someone who pushes them to raise their own voice and lets them know that their voice is very important. Kids can only strengthen the ecosystem of education better.” – Kusum, A Teach For India student alumna

Industry professionals and thought leaders like Fareed Zakaria (of CNN’s Fareed Zakaria GPS), Engineer turned Educator and Innovator, Sonam Wangchuk, Founder of SECMOL, share about the power of transformative schooling and how they are bringing that to life in SECMOL. This space will be hosted by our Student-Educator duo, Saumya Shinde and Kritika Rawat. Gursahani Singh (Trustee, We, The People), Seema Bansal (Partner and Director, BCG), Pramath Sinha (Founder and Chairman, Harappa Education), will speak at sessions at KER Week 2021. Teach For India Alumni who work closely with children such as Tarun Cherukuri (CEO, Indus Action) will talk about the importance of student opinions in creating education systems.

Day 1 will celebrate student voice and urgency towards changemaking during the pandemic. With Slam Poetry and Acapella sessions, the day will be filled with art. Vanessa Nakate, the Ugandan Friday for Future activist will also be in conversation with Taanika Shankar, a KER 2020 Revolutionary.

Day 2 to 4 will explore themes of ‘India and the World’, ‘School and Community’, and ‘Self’ through various sessions. Through a collaborative space with Museum of Solutions, a JSW Initiative, student leaders will build models of change to tackle real community problems.

Based on the principles of the 8Cs highlighted in this white paper, written by Shaheen Mistri, Manasi Jain, Shivani Patekar and Zui Mansata, the sessions will explore how to build leadership in Students while keeping broad themes in mind.

“KER is a platform that brings diverse kids together to reimagine education,” says Shaheen Mistri, CEO and Founder of Teach For India. “We see kids sharing power at all levels of the system. If we are to provide excellent education to every child in the country, we need to be listening to our kids and working with them to drive change today.”

By bringing together dynamic personalities and young minds, KER Week 2021 will serve as an unparalleled platform for learning, discourse, and innovation within the education sector. The registration link for KER 2021 week, along with additional details can be found here.

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