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 CPTL and EXIN enter partnership to pilot NextGen academy skills to university students

 CPTL and EXIN enter partnership to pilot NextGen academy skills to university studentsMay 13, 2023, Delhi: EXIN, a leading independent examination institute, and CTPL, a top EdTech player in Indian Higher Education, are today embarking on a unique partnership to pilot EXIN micro-credentials tailored for university students. Starting in 2023, EXIN‘s high-quality Cloud Computing, Blockchain, and AI certifications will be available on the NextGen AcademyNextGen Academy from CTPL is a trailblazing learning platform connecting world-class education providers with students nationwide.

Excited about the partnership, Namrata Sahoo, Sales Director at EXIN Certification India, said, “We are thrilled to announce this pilot, enabling learners to acquire in-demand skills and get job-ready quickly in today’s ever-evolving job market. I look forward to embarking on this journey with CTPL”.

“Collaborating with EXIN is an incredible opportunity,” adds CTPL CEO Bikash Chandra. “EXIN‘s expertise in certifications is unparalleled, and together we can push the boundaries in the micro-credentials space. We’re excited to work together to set a new standard for excellence in our industry”

The pilot has the attention of top employers and universities alike. Mohan Kewalramani, Vice President at HCL Software – DRYiCE, said, “EXIN‘s pilot is a forward-thinking move demonstrating a commitment to professional development and provides distinct advantages to graduates in a highly competitive job market”

” We are excited about this partnershipEXIN‘s experience, combined with’s innovative approach toward digital learning, will bring a world-class learning experience to our students. We envision a future where everyone has equal access to quality education, with micro-credentials playing a crucial role”, said Onkar Bagaria, Trustee, VGU – NAAC A+ Accredited University.

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