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Vestige Marketing Celebrates 20 years of its Journey with a Mega Event in Delhi

25th June 2024, New Delhi – Vestige India Pvt Ltd, a front-runner in India’s home-grown direct-selling industry, has marked a significant milestone in its journey by commemorating 20 years of excellence. The momentous occasion was celebrated with a grand event dedicated to honouring the achievements of the company and its distributors, while envisioning the next decade for the company.

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Over the past two decades, Vestige has been at the forefront of the direct-selling industry with a steadfast commitment to empowering individuals and encouraging entrepreneurship. The company is dedicated to promoting health and wellness through its wide range of high-quality products. Its 20 successful years signify a journey of growth and a vision of creating a difference in the lives of all the individuals and communities associated with the brand.

The grand V20 anniversary mega event, held at Thyagraj Sports Complex, New Delhi witnessed a gathering of enthusiastic distributors, esteemed leaders, and key stakeholders of the Vestige family. The event reflected on the company’s journey over the two decades while highlighting the immense potential of the direct-selling industry. It also marked the introduction of the brand’s advanced digital offerings such as Vestige Website 2.0, Vestige Super App, Vestige Care (with AI instructors for wellness guidance and instructions), Vestige AR (an engaging storytelling platform that enables distributors to access the company’s legacy of trust and achievements), and more. The event also felicitated and rewarded the outstanding distributors for their exceptional performance and commitment to the company’s vision.

Speaking on the occasion, Mr. Gautam Bali, Managing Director and Founder of Vestige Marketing said “As we celebrate 20 years of Vestige Marketing, we reflect on our journey with immense pride and gratitude. V20 is not just a milestone but also a testament to the dedication shown by every member of the Vestige family, who have been essential to the company’s success. Today, we are present in 8 countries internationally, including India, with 2500+ DLCPs and 42 branches. With our steadfast vision, we aim to add more DLCPs and branches in the near future for ease of business. As we grow, I am deeply grateful for all the unwavering support and remain committed to our mission of empowering lives.”

Delhi has been the key hub for Vestige Marketing, with a growing community of entrepreneurs driving the company’s expansion and success. The company holds a significant position in the direct-selling industry, boasting a large distributor network, with nearly 40% comprising women and youth. As Vestige looks ahead toward its next phase, it is committed to enhancing the lives of its members and those who believe in ‘Wellth‘ – Wealth through Wellness, dedicating itself to creating a positive social impact.

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