United College of Education conducted a webinar on International Women’s Month


Greater Noida, March 2022: The United College of Education, affiliated with Guru Gobind Singh Indraprastha University conducted a webinar on the occasion of Women’s Day on 8th March 2022. Raising the concern of the most popular yet undiscussed topic, the BA(JMC) department has invited Dr. Pratiksha Pant from King George’s Medical University, Lucknow to educate and inform about Menstrual Health & Hygiene.

At the beginning of the event, students shared some perspectives on the “Break the Bias” theme. Proceeding with the event Dr. Pratiksha was introduced by the host and then she started explaining the changes in a female’s body during adolescence and how they differ as one grows old. Bursting some myths and taboos she explained the importance of different types of products and what all steps can be taken care of while using them. By the end of her session, she answered various questions from the participants which helped them to get a clear idea about their intimate hygiene.


While sharing her experience, Dr. Pratiksha Pant said, “The women population in rural India is deprived of the basic sanitization facility. Not only this, they carry a lot of myths and taboos from their ancestors and hence tend to oppose and neglect the symptoms and problems they face due to unhealthy menstruation practices. Educating and informing them about their necessities must become a great initiative to start.”

In concluding the event a presentation was displayed with some data comparing the scenario of menstrual health among rural and urban populations in India. Alongside the numbers, a fair image of the menstrual cycle, products, and their pros and cons were then displayed and explained. The event on a positive note enlightened the participants about female menstrual hygiene and its importance.

The United Group was founded by the late Shri Shiv Ram Das Gulati in 1951. The Greater Noida campus has a great advantage of being in the NCR region which is the home ground of the corporate giants making it simpler for the students to gain practical work experience along with classroom education. The event is under the supervision of the senior batch of the media department with their faculty coordinators in the Shiv Ram Auditorium inside the college. Not only the listed ones but the event is also providing students to showcase their talents other than the competition, in the form of fillers like rapping, poetry, mono-act, beatboxing, etc.

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