Toronto Business Development Centre, B-Hive organise a virtual meet-up with T-Hub


Delhi, 24th August 2021: Toronto Business Development Centre, B-Hive partnered with T-Hub organised a virtual meet-up titled ‘Going Global with your Start-up’ yesterday for entrepreneurs.The event was aimed at international start-up founders wanting to explore opportunities in Canada through programs focused on capital, talent, and technology.

Foreign investors looking to create start-ups with such a global impact through initiatives like Canada’s Start-Up Visa program in getting to know the country’s many advantages. Canada has also ranked in the top five countries in the world yet again this year for start-up ecosystems. More recently, CB Insights data indicated that Canadian start-ups this year have already raised more than double their 2020 totals.

“At TBDC & BHive we’re helping grow the next wave of start-ups in Canada by bringing high potential founders from around the world. We understand that moving across borders can be very challenging. Therefore, it’s critical to have appropriate supports in place as they transition. It’s also why partnerships with internationally recognized ecosystems such as T-Hub are important as it allows us the opportunity to navigate markets for opportunities as well as, support these founders right from the start of their journey.” said Vikram (Vik) Khurana, Chair of Toronto Business Development Centre, a leading business incubator who was on the panel. Joining him on the panel was Vinutha Rallapalli Director, Investment & Funding Eco-System at T-Hub, Muraly Srinarayanathas Executive Chairman at 369 Global Inc. and Clare Barnett Director, Economic Development City of Brampton.

Highlighting the startup activity happening within the Brampton Innovation District, Clare Barnett Director, Economic Development City of Brampton shared “Brampton is a City of Opportunities and has claimed its place as one of the newest players on Canada’s Innovation Corridor. The strategic partners that have entered the district, including the RIC Centre, Founder Institute, Ryerson Venture Zone, the Rogers Cyber Secure Catalyst, Brampton Entrepreneur Centre and B-Hive are critical players in creating a complete innovation ecosystem and all offer services and supports for a broad range of start-ups from around the globe.”

Ravi Narayan, CEO of T-Hub said, “India and Canada, both have a very thriving startup innovation ecosystem and T-Hub along with TBDC is creating growth prospects for startups through this partnership. This is one of our initiative to unlock global market opportunities for Indian startups pursuing to expand internationally providing all the support required to launch their business outside their home market. Also, we are providing a great market entry for Canadian startups who are exploring to tap into the growing Indian economy in terms of new clients and talent.”

Earlier this year, TBDC partnered with T-Hub to launch joint ecosystem initiatives for startups in Canada and India. The event last evening focussed on the Indian and Canadian startup ecosystems and explored pathways to orchestrate growth opportunities for high-potential startups.

About TBDC: Toronto Business Development Center (TBDC) offers programs that provide access to a network of key resources that can help accelerate growth for start-ups. TBDC motivates entrepreneurial-minded individuals from diverse communities to develop their business plans and to effectively start up their companies through a variety of tailored programs. TBDC and its affiliate organizations provide advisory support to young student entrepreneurs, individuals currently receiving social assistance, and persons with disabilities.

Incubators have always played a vital role in translating this vision into reality by nurturing even more startups to their success.
Toronto Business Development Centre (TBDC) is one of the leading start-up incubators in Canada which has also recently been granted a designated organization status by the Government of Canada.

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