The Giant Pizza slice is ready to give you life time experience

Giant Pizza slice

05- JULY-2021 One of the best luxuries in life is enjoying a good slice of pizza and relaxing. One of the best home grown pizza brand in India, La Pino’Z Pizza, which you will find in most of the cities is ready to bring their delicious offerings back revamped. La Pino’Z Pizza has 200 + outlets across India with millions of satisfied customers. Started with just 2 outlets in Delhi about 2 years back, the brand has expanded to over 20 outlets and aims to reach 50 outlets count in the coming year. They also have plans to start in international markets very soon in Dubai, Australia, Tanzania, Nigeria and Sri Lanka.

As the lockdowns are being lifted across the country, they are ready to provide you with the best pizza experience of your life.

La Pino’Z Pizza believes that making a great pizza is both an art and a science. It requires a special type of knowledge and skills while also utilizing immaculate artistry. The process just doesn’t stop at how you create it. It also includes the presentation of the food, immaculate customer service, wide variety and options to choose from, a great ambiance, and all of that at competitive prices. La Pino’Z Pizza comes through on every single one of these parameters. The outlet teams are well trained and motivated to provide you with amazing service. La Pino’Z Pizza cafes offer a cozy, welcoming, photo-friendly ambiance. In terms of Food Offering, they are quite different from others in the flavors and products they offer. Each product tastes absolutely different and fresh. They also have the Chicken Meatballs / Mutton Shami Kebab, famous Cheesy 7, Burn To Hell, Little Italy Pizza, Jain Pizza Menu, Pasta, Quesadilla and Tacos as part of their offering along with refreshing shakes and drinks.

La Pino’Z Pizza’s tagline is “The Giant Pizza Slice”. They want you to experience a little taste of heaven every time you devour their precisely created pizzas. The founder of the chain Mr. Sanam Kapoor said of his venture “We are taking the pizza game to the next level with our offerings. The amount of effort that we put in is unprecedented and all that hard work shows in the product”.

So make sure you grab a slice to check for yourself what all the hype in Delhi is about.

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