Senior IIT Kanpur Alumni And Startup Mentor Jai Shankar Sharma In ‘GKQCTP’ Advisory Board

Senior IIT Kanpur Alumni And Startup Mentor Jai Shankar Sharma In ‘GKQCTP’ Advisory Board24, April 2023, New Delhi, India: Mr. Jai Shankar Sharma, who is a Senior IIT Kanpur Alumni and mentors startups and entrepreneurs under Alumni Association of IIT Kanpur in India, has been nominated in the High-level Advisory Board of India’s first Quantum Computing Tech. Park, Greater Karnavati Quantum Computing Technology Park (GKQCTP), by park promoter Innogress.

As an honorary member of the Advisory Board of GKQCTP, he shall be guiding and mentoring the project team in developing Quantum Tech. ecosystem at Gujarat-based Quantum Computing Tech. Park. In his earlier professional career, Bangalore-based Mr. Jai Shankar Sharma led business development and operational management activities of many reputed firms across India. He also consulted and advised many firms in Tech. sector on business development and operations.

Welcoming Mr. Sharma in ‘GKQCTP’ Advisory Board, Founder of Innogress, Promoter of ‘GKQCTP’ Mr. Sumant Parimal said “Mr. Jai Shankar Sharma has been guiding me in our Quantum Tech. Park initiatives since last few months, and instrumental in taking our ‘GKQCTP’ initiative to Gujarat based Technical institution like IIT Gandhinagar for possible collaboration and partnership opportunities, which is required for building a strong local Quantum Tech. ecosystem. I am glad that he has accepted our invite to be part of our apex Advisory Board of ‘GKQCTP’ along with our other distinguished board members. We are looking forward for an exciting journey under guidance and mentorship of Mr. Sharma in making India a leading Quantum Tech. hub”.

While accepting Innogress’s invite for joining ‘GKQCTP’ Advisory Board Mr. Jai Shankar Sharma said “This formal association with Greater Karnavati Quantum Computing Technology Park project is starting at a time when Govt. of India has approved National Quantum Mission with a big budgetary support of Rs. 6003 Cr with an objective of developing India a strong Quantum Tech. hub and I am happy to note that since last years team Innogress under Sumant Parimal is working for developing Quantum Computing and Quantum Technology ecosystem at Gujarat through this GKQCTP initiative. I personally believe that this Gujarat-based ‘GKQCTP’ project has lots of synergy with other mission-critical proggs. of Govt. of India like Gati Shakti, and looking forward to bring key institutions of these new missions like Gati Shakti Vishvidalaya as key ecosystem enabler for developing vibrant Quantum Tech ecosystem at Gujarat”.

Recently Chief Revenue Officer (CRO) of Israel-based Tabor Electronics, Mr. Paul Nurflus also joined ‘GKQCTP’ Advisory Board.

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