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Save up to 50% on your electricity bills with Orient Electric’s i-Series fans

India is a big tropical country that experiences high temperatures throughout the year, which makes ceiling fans a common household sighting. Moreover, they are far more cost-effective and a much healthier cooling solution in comparison to other options available in the market. One of the newest trends in the fans market is the ever-increasing demand for energy-efficient fans, backed by the rise of environmentally conscious consumerism and the Government’s push for energy conservation. This has led to the popularity of Inverter technology-based fans which use advanced BLDC motors to reduce energy consumption by almost 50 percent as compared to normal induction motor-based fans, thus offering significant savings on electricity bills for consumers.


If you are looking for fans that offer a perfect combination of style and efficiency, Orient Electric’s i-Series range of fans seems a great option. Orient i-Series fans consume 50% less energy which not only helps consumers save on monthly electricity bills but also helps in reducing the carbon footprint. While traditional fans consume 70-75 watts of power, Orient i-Series fans consume just 32-watts thus reducing power consumption by half. These fans are BEE 5-star rated, provide high air delivery and air thrust, and operate silently and efficiently even at low voltages which is a common problem across India.

Orient Electric i-Float fan

Orient i-Series range includes two models namely i-Float and Hector 500 flaunting alluring designs, highly efficient noiseless motor, and 100% rust-free blades. The i-Float fan, which instantly catches your attention with its visually floating effect, is available in two options – with and without IoT. The IoT-enabled variant can be operated with utmost ease via Orient Smart mobile app or with voice commands via Alexa and Google Assistant. Much like you would order your gadgets, clothing, or groceries from the convenience of your smartphone, you can operate the IoT-enabled Orient i-Float fan from anywhere, anytime via a mobile application. Be it power on/off, speed control, timer setting, or mode activation, this fan puts the control in the palm of your hand. So, even before you enter your home after a hectic day at work, you can cool it down remotely. This fan is available in four colours – Pearl white, Cosmos Black, Lakeside Brown & Space Grey.

A single inverter fan can help you save around Rs. 1500 every year on your electricity bills. Therefore, if you want to keep your electricity bill under control without sacrificing cooling comfort, inverter fans powered by BLDC motors, such as Orient i-Series fans, are an ideal choice. It’s time to say goodbye to ordinary fans and make way for the elegant and efficient inverter fans.

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