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Sankisa to Receive Major Tourism Boost with Rs 30 Crore Development Project

New Delhi, 20th June, 2024: The State Tourism Department has initiated several significant projects for the development of the Buddhist site Sankisa in the Farrukhabad district. These projects include the development of various tourism facilities in the Buddha Vihar at a cost of about Rs 20 crore. This development will encompass the construction of a boundary wall, water facilities, passenger sheds, lighting, toilets, restrooms, and a passenger hall. Additionally, a Buddhist museum will be constructed on an area of about 2.25 acres at a cost of Rs 10 crore.

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State’s Tourism and Culture Minister, Jaiveer Singh, said that Lord Buddha descended on the holy land of Sankisa after preaching to his mother in Devlok. The Uttar Pradesh Tourism Department is committed to developing Sankisa with world-class modern facilities, and work has commenced on several projects to enhance this tourist destination. Minister Singh emphasized that upon completion; Sankisa will not only emerge as an important Buddhist religious site but also develop as a major tourist center, boosting the local economy.

“We are committed to developing Sankisa as a major Buddhist pilgrimage site and tourist destination,” said Jaiveer Singh. “Sankisa is a key pilgrimage site in the Buddhist circuit, which comprises six major Buddhist sites in the state: Kapilvastu, Kaushambi, Kushinagar, Shravasti, Sankisa, and Sarnath. The tourism department is dedicated to making Sankisa a world-class tourist destination to attract more foreign Buddhist followers, thereby strengthening our economy.”

The Minister highlighted that many economies are based on tourism, and Buddhist followers across the world are attracted to the Buddhist circuit of UP. These Buddhist sites and the tourism sector hold unlimited potential for employment opportunities and income at the local level. Hence, the state government is focusing on developing various facilities for tourists at the state’s tourist locations, which will boost the state’s revenue.

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