Reviving the lost market in a post-pandemic world…

Author: Syed Aabish Hassan, Founder & CEO: Eventoss Entertainment Pvt. Ltd.

Author: Syed Aabish Hassan, Founder & CEO: Eventoss Entertainment Pvt. Ltd.

Since the emergence of the dark pandemic days, businesses have suffered humongous loss in an around the world. Many businesses have been forced to reduce operations or shut down, and an increasing number of people are expected to lose their jobs in the coming days. The horrors of subsequent waves and looming dangers are yet to be a story in past.

Lockdown was the word only read before 2020, but the year showed us some major economic consequences from the word. Covid-19 turned out be an unbated disaster for both established and startups. Every activity went virtual from work to studies, shopping to movies.

Thanks to improvised door to door services the entire shopping of the households have now shifted online, from grains to sanitizers and health to hygiene with physical presence fading. India has recorded an astounding 120 million online shopper in 2018, and with a CAGR of 28 percent, the online shoppers are expected to reach over 200 million by 2025.

With the market hit from Covid-19 hygiene care line was the shelter brands took as diversification in the market. Several beauty care brands like, Santoor for instance for three decades only focused on soap making it the ‘ No.2 Soap Company’ in India , but the enormous demand of populace of sanitizers and hand wash made the company compensate from hit by starting a new hygiene care line of products.

Current obsession over hygiene also made companies like, Zomato and Swiggy take extra care of the food’s hygiene, cleanliness of the kitchen and the health status of the one delivering the food. Thus,also adding personal hygiene tab in the apps for their customer’s satisfaction and requirements.

Lack of awareness among people made brands create ads on the social awareness of the disease in the promotion of their products ads. The social awareness ads tried educating people understand the effects of their negligence towards the disease while promoting their products in creative ways. Brands made an effort of widening their range to every platform from radio to OTT and social media platforms. True that, a diversified market is less prone to blow outs and easy crash. Call it risk or requirement of the situation but the activities going online made technologically unaware people aware or familiar with phone and technology.

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