Rest the Case signs up with 1100 lawyers in just 2 years


While law affects everyone’s life directly or indirectly, knowledge about law amongst laymen
is not as prevalent. Adding to this legal information and consultation with lawyers are not as
accessible in India.
Internet and Digitalisation have made many things easily accessible. The same is happening
with the legal field. Rest The Case is one such platform that is making the law more
accessible. Rest The Case is an online legal aggregator platform that connects lawyers with
people seeking legal help along with having legal information. The platform does not just
work at providing people with lawyers, rather it also helps them in a way where lawyers are
able to meet the people who need their services and assist them.
A lawyer herself Shreya Sharma, the founder of Rest The Case saw the gaps present in the
legal industry in India and decided to create a platform where one can find all things legal
easily. Within just two years of inception, Rest The Case has been successful in creating a
network of more than 1100 Lawyers across the Country. To add to this, most often when
starting a new business, start-ups tend to focus on the metro cities to establish and expand
in. One of the things where Rest The Case stands out is the expansion of its services to not
just metro cities but also tier 2 and tier 3 cities. From cities like Delhi, Mumbai Pune to
Bilaspur, Yavatmal Port Blair, Rest The Case has a network of Lawyers in more than 200
“People need legal assistance everywhere be it a big city or a small town and so we did not
just want to be present in the big cities but wanted to ensure that we also cover the
smaller towns where probably accessing legal services is more difficult”, Shreya said.
As in every industry and profession, even lawyers are looking to have their services available
online. Rest The Case provides a platform for lawyers to offer their services online and
connect with people seeking legal help online & remotely not just in their city but also
provide legal advice to people across the country.
“We want to create an ecosystem where all people associated with law and all those who
need access to legal services are able to come to Rest The Case and find all things legal,

whether it be finding lawyers, finding legal information, or even finding people who will take
your legal services.” – Shreya Sharma, Founder & CEO Rest The Case.

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